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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Japanese Anime

I've been into anime. anime loves me. so do i. ever since dragonball z existed, i've been a great fan of japanese anime. so what so enticing about anime u might ask? i dunno!! i'm jus into it goddamit..

Dragonball Z - grandfather of animes i watch. extremely violent now that i come to think of it.

Slam Dunk - highly entertaining with supremely funny sidestories. Sakuragi still remains an idol to me.

Mo Shen Tan Dou Shi - its about this 5 characters trying to save the world from this evil being. Sounds oddly familiar huh? I have no idea what the english name of this anime is. But i loved it when i was in primary school. so if anyone knows what i'm talking about, please advise me on the english name or better still, tell me how to get my hands on the vcd!

Naruto - yea yea.. another mindless naruto fan. those of u thinking this way, shuddup the hell up or i'll pull all the nose hair out from your nose i promise.

Bleach - my current fave. glimpse of Sakuragi in the main character in this anime. Ichigo is as hilarious and no doubt as egoistical.

Samurai Seven - love this. but they stopped producing it. or at least they stopped the torrents. so there's no way i can continue watching it. they stopped it at the climax of the battles!! arrgh.

Mahou Negi Sensei - it's about this 11 yr old kid teaching in an all girls high school. and those girls are somehow crazy over him. (the all girls high school does sound quite enticing huh?)

Hunter X Hunter - Not highly exciting. But still worth the watch.

Hikaru No Go - its about wei qi. some kickass damn hard chinese style chess game. interesting. made me try to play the game, but its too hard for a cock for me to understand. anybody game for a game?

Captain Tsubasa - classic. its all about soccer and the passion for the game. what else can you say man?

Saiyuki - my fave all time chinese classic story ( journey to the west) remade into an all action no frills and entertaining dark jap anime.

i'm sorry if i missed out any of the animes i watch. there's too many to recall. so if u're kinda bored and have nothing to do.... this is the place to visit animesuki . check out the animes i've mention and be i confirm chop u hours of non-boredom. =)
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