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Saturday, April 16, 2005
Singaporean Buddhist Youth Wing
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Callling all fellow Singaporean Buddhist...

Ok, there's not exactly a Singaporean Buddhist Youth Wing, but i'm calling out to the young Buddhist over here to come together to share our opinions on the religion. of all my frens, i think i would have up to maybe the most 20 frens that are Buddhist. so come out, come out, wherever u are!!

i've realised that while there are many Christians that are very vocal about their religion in their blogs, Buddhist are generally more reserved about their religion. you dun really hear Buddhist going around saying 'Oh my Buddha!!' as opposed to ''Oh my God!' 'Thank Buddha' as to 'Thank God' Usually, it is seen as a boring topic to talk about. but, what of the many rituals, the rules or understanding, the many different style of praying. Taoism too, how do we classify all sorts of rituals. The many festivals like the Hungry Ghost, 1st n 15th of every lunar month and many more, and how do we pray, what are the procedures. will be interesting to see what people gotta say about it.

There are also many warped thinking of the religion mainly due to the many different school of thoughts to Buddhism. and it will be interesting to hear the what everyone has to say. No doubt local Buddhist will be out numbered by the Christians, but hope we all can be more vocal and come out of our shell.

There are quite a few associations and temples and what not for Buddhist over here.
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  • At 9:28 PM, Blogger CELLE said…

    bobby, I am a buddhist myself. I find it the most TRUE, no-gimmicks religion.. also the most difficicult to fathom and take in.

    We are just not evangelists like the christians. we respect others.. we think they all can go heaven.. as long as they're nice..

    besides.. heaven's not our final destination.

    So, i think buddhists shall remain one of the least vocal ppl..
    we speak up when asked or provoked.. but we dun blabber and boast abt it.. i dun see the need to.. it's only annoying and degradin to do so.

    it's really a way of life isnt it.. like science.. not really a religion.. it's the most rrealistic one.. besides hinduism..

    having been a catholic and christian previously. i also know what they're all abt..

    not that they're bad.. but they're superficial and a short cut slipshot religion.. i wanted something more solid and real..

    so i am now stuck with the most difficult religion..
    at least it's REAL tho..

    ok laaa.. i dun tok much abt buddhism. the ultimate truth we know is shocking to the rest isnt it?

    cheers dude! and thanks for reading my blog!

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