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Monday, May 07, 2007

finally when I decide that I want to type something into blogger, the whole thing is down. It’s just too irritating to be true. So I’m typing this in word first and I’ll post it up only when blogger allows me to. It’s been rather depressing. Or I should say, I’ve been rather depressed. The words cover letter, resumes, attach photo are all haunting me right now. Not fun. So whats the best thing to do when everything is not fun? Well, then it’s to go and find fun.

So the gang met for café del mar… but later decided against that place as it might be too young and noisy for old fogeys like us. So headed up to Altivo instead. Gorgeous looking place, but rather dark I have to say… the gang was pretty depleted as Ms ‘New Job’ Fanny had to be at her new job and jamine was overseas.. but wat was pretty amazing was that everybody was late… and hence nobody had to really wait for anybody? Everyone has to do something about their sense of punctuality.. especially someone… if you’re reading this I hope you know who u are.. I’m being nice and refraining from announcing.. it was all fun and relax at Altivo. haven been so unstressed for a long time. and i hope that next year's holiday plans will be able to pan out as planned.

the only photo i took wasn't in my phone... so this is the only shot of the night i have. another round of mustafa watch shopping right after Altivo and then to newton for supper. we just don't stop eating do we? damn damn bad. and then right away, once i reached home and bathed, i jus greyed all the way... non-stop until my eyes were ready to pop out and drop down onto my keyboard and bounce onto the floor... there's still 2 episodes to watch but i really had to stop watching as i watched more then 10 episodes on the trot..

do i watch too much tv? maybe i do.. prison break, heroes, grey's anatomy, bleach. and a couple of hong kong dramas on chn 55. not that bad wat. the first 4 shows are all on a weekly basis. 42mins x3 + 20mins = less then 3 hours per week!!!! doesn't seem that bad. but i seem to be deviating from the previous topic of going out to destress. anyway, fanny pls send me jacky's birthday photos n videos.. that was one classic example of going out to destress with everyone getting so violent... i better stop typing now cos i'm rambling and not really making any sense. and i've gotta go make a new pair of specs of my old one jus disappeared into thin air.. tmd...

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