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Friday, June 01, 2007
been a rather 'happening' week, and now i'm tired. guess the vesak day holiday mood got into everyone. monday started off pretty well... since it was the start of the Great Singapore Sale, what else was there to do other then shopping huh?

dinner was a simple fare at wisma's food court. and then towards the shops. it was the girls doing most of the shopping. the guys spent majority of the time talking cock. haha. it's not that i don't like shopping. i love shopping! i think i'm a rare breed of guys that shops alot. but maybe that day off form. so what do you do in singapore when the shops are all closed after 930?? no more shopping! go for drinks lor. went to this 'damn nice' place as suggested at clarke quay... nice hanging micro fibre lights from the ceiling, weird band playing.. and they had their own brew of beer. Pump Room. not that bad i guess.

spent tuesday sleeping half the time and doing my own stuffs. out and about again on wed. this time it was real shopping. could not find a nice wallet within my budget though. quick atas boon tong kee dinner before heading down to........ aha! clarke quay again. had a quick drink at clinic.. been wanting to check out the place for quite some time but did not really check it out. sitting outside.. not counted la huh.... walked into barfly, walked out... walked into fashionbar, walked out. holiday eve la... crowded max everywhere. so ended up at nectar-something to eat cakes. which was where i realised i have to go back to collecting jokes again. i seemed to have forgotten all my jokes. only left with a few stale ones. left out in the open for too long... ppl sian already. dun like. i'm not funny anymore.. boooooo.. but somehow we managed to laugh till each of us had a headache, jawache and stomache. dint know laughing was so painful huh...

left to collect the car via a pee filled, panty, bra lying around flight of stairs.. adventure of the night. try not to park at the liang court carpark. massively hard to get back up there without going thru the disgusting flight of stairs.

and finally! vesak day! holiday! pc show! and FUCKING CROWDED!!! damn tiring trying to manuever thru the never ending throng of people. not helped by my massive frame which makes it harder for me to squeeze thru little openings. annoying.. more shopping at funan before we all decided that our legs are all dying and had to go somewhere for dinner. Sammy's Curry House at Dempsey Road. quite fantastic fishhead curry. and at quite a reasonable price too. much cheaper then Muthu's Curry.

and just when everyone wanted to call it a day.... the adventure wasn't over yet. head to Botanic Gardens! OMG! damn dark all around. noticed a pair of father and son disappear into the oblivion. mystifying! where the hell were they going? what's there in the darkness? i dunno. we gave up trying to find them after everyone started complaining it was too dark... mystery of the night. the adventure did not materialize. next time then. Beer at Halia Restaurant before tracking back to the car and home. Bintan here we come?? i certainly hope so.

my leg is damn lemon lime now.... and its still freaking hot.... i'm hoping after typing all these it'll make me tired enough to knock out right after plonking on bed rather then rolling around in the heat. back to listening to all the old bands. puddle of mudd, staind, incubus, audioslave, fuel, 3 doors down, creed etc.... somehow i still prefer them so much more. what do you feel like listening to now?

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