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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
i've been wanting to post... but nothing interesting is happening and i have been quite busy and tired whenever i reach home. just looking forward to weekends where i can spend some time with my friends so i can relax and be myself without being judged by anyone and without having to face some damn fucked up people.....

one bad thing is that i'm getting hunger easily nowadays. sucks man.... but i'm trying to plan something big nowadays.... dunno if it's feasible enough.... dunno if i can succeed... dunno if i can actually do it... but i think i will try my best and give it a shot... got mixed reviews from friends.. but it might be good if i can work for something for myself... rather then working for other people and getting myself all pissed off in the process... sure many would know wat i mean ya? ha..

dunno why those sort of people exist.. the people that exist to piss us off. really wanna slap them in the face... turn it inside out.. and lay the smack down on them....

and i'm trying to save money... haha.. so the trick is to eat more breakfast and dinners at home.

been listening to songs from 2000 - 2001, around those years... grunge rock... miss those tunes miss those voices... too many keane, coldplay like kinda band nowadays. and also punk bands with whiny voices. not that i dun like them... i like them too... just that it's around too much nowadays.

have been searching for a nice belt. but cannot seem to find them. anybody got any idea? and in the midst of searching for the belt, i come across so many other potential buyable stuffs. tmd. not good. haha.

too much random shit... makes for bad reading.... i feel bad typing all this shit out too. gonna end it here... gonna show some tender loving care to my guitar for now... byeeee...
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  • At 7:51 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    Got nice belt. I wanna buy one too. But its off my limits now. Hermes H belt is nice you should go buy

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