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Friday, February 18, 2005
the return of the king
hello people. sorry and a thousand apologEEs to all my fans out there. been a really really tiring but happening few weeks for me. haven't really got my fair share of rest. there's like so little time.... but so DARN much to do!! AHHH! hate this feeling. guess many of u are feeling the same. maybe even more extreme den i do. ok.. so i'm supposed to have alot alot to update about..

so here's a little preview on what to expect. but it's not confirmed that i'm gonna write about every thing. cos it's really been too massive a few weeks for me to cover... if i do sooo.. i'm jus gonna end up having a mega shit ass long entry and some fellas will complain to me. but who gives a shit... its MY blog! so just dun read if u think this is too lonG!!! oh ya.. my preview. my mega humogo bongo birthday party..... =) chinese new year celebration... not much really to speak off.. need more ang pows seriously, valentine's day, all u gossip mongers will wanna know what the hell i did... and also last and certainly the least... finding my dream girl!

gonna start with valentine's day.... aint gonna start in chronical order... whoever said that i gotta do it that way? the night before v day was bad.. i had it all planned out. come back home real quick after work to sleep. avoid all nosy colleagues at all cost after work. so i stayed up till quite late playing computer games and watching tv. and the most screwed up part.. i rolled around my bed... till about 4am in the morning!! cos my toes were damn damn damn damn itchy. arrghh. its the part of the 4th toe which is facing the little toe... its so darn hard to scratch that particular section. and if i dun scratch it. i feel like shit! totally unbearable itch. so only at 4am i realised that i shud get up... pour warm water over my toes.... and apply some mopiko onto it. and amazingly.. i managed to get some good sleep after that. but good sleep doesn't seem to last. sigh. got up to go to work. thinking that i will go home after work to sleep.

spent the 1st part of the day feeling damn lethargic. much like a dying man. prancing around the office like a dweeb. went for an early lunch by myself at 1130... was thinking of leaving my phone in the office cos i'll be back right after lunch. but somehow or rather.. i had this feeling that i'll need the phone. so i walked back to my cubicle to get it... was eating halfway.... i could feel the vibration of the phone on the table.. and a few sms-es after that.. i'm getting a valentine's date. it was like extreme elation and jubilation. only thing short was jumping up and down. suddenly the zombie in me was exterminated. haha.. and i became like the most energetic person around. thank god i was dressed for the part. wearing long sleeves instead of short sleeve. maybe its predestined! haa... was sooo eagerly awaiting for 530pm for me to rush out of office. we were deciding where to go for dinner before i finally booked an italiano restaurant at robertson walk. it seems like forever before 530pm came... and by 520pm.. i was already all set to go... left office at 525pm. haa... bought flowers, a must have, u won't want the person with you to feel left out and so paiseh cos everybody has flowers and she doesn't have.. took a cab down.. and had a magnificent night... aint gonna disclose anymore.... la la la~ =)

moving on to the next chapter, chinese new year.. tradition! went down to chinatown to squeeze with the other mad ppl agn. damn shoik. absorb the atmosphere. and this year.. there's much much more foreigners den before. maybe the STB's really doing well promoting chinese new year. and there's more pretty girls doing the selling of new year goods as compared to last year. actually can see all the changes happening around. sadly not many singaporeans do. they jus get on with life. well... watched the fireworks as well.. it was pretty pretty... ok ok... not magnificent. but still kinda impressive. i've seen much better ones. but was good. went down to maxwell as usual to grab a couple of drinks. den JJ appeared with jonathan to spray those kinda foam spray thingy on me. and they disappeared after that. talk about bo liao man. haha.. and they said they bought it cos it was on discount. WTH? digress a little.. my neck is really dying.. supremely sore and its this pain. sigh. need a massage so so badly.. anybody good at neck massages? pls do contact me. back to the point. we talked about mahjong over beer.. and suddenly we were all so gian to play. haha. called zh up and asked if she was available right there and then. haha.

and guess what!? she was!! haaa.. went over to willie's hse to wait for her. she came at about 2am.. and we started playing. was super fun. haven played with them for a damn long time. more then a year i suppose. ended at about 6am. was gonna be a zombie bai nian-ing day man.

my mom dragged me out of bed at about 10. omg.... totally off. ahahah. bloodshot eyes man! but a man's gotta do wat a man's gotta do on chinese new year man. wake up and get dressed. and go bai nian! woohoo~ money collection time. this is like the only motivation for me to get my ass up from anywhere man. went over to my grandpa's place and my uncle's place. not bad. ended the day quite early.. abt about 3pm. went home to slp! finally. smiles. haha. its such a bliss nowadays to actually find time to sleep. not that i'm really that busy. but i always end up doing OTHER things eg, PS2, computer, chatting, tv.. stuffs like this den sleeping. u can't blame me for doing all this.. i'm in my NS phase.. its supposed to be brainless. haa...

oh yea.. and how can i forget... i actually went down to chinatown the night before chinese new year's eve too!! went down to tiger and joyce.. it was the start of my ultra long weekend. and joyce gave herself self declared hols as well.. so we were all in holidaying mood! actually went down to woodlands al-ameen to have supper 1st. before we headed to chinatown to do some new year goods shopping. fun. haha wasn't as crowded as new year's eve itself. managed to get some food stuffs. shoik. my fave.. the crescent almond on a peanut biscuit thingy.. and the carrom seed lookalike peanut paste. super happy. we went down to bugis after that to talk cock over kopi.. but actually none of us actually had kopi! haha. managed to churn out quite alot of cock that night.. left at about 3 i think.

nxt on the chinese new year agenda was the yearly chu 2 visit of relatives and friends.. this is the 4th year in a row that my classmates (celia and gang) and council mates (hans and gang) have invaded my house during chu 2. super fun and i love it. although my house is really really small and hard to accomodate them, i still thank them for giving me face and making the trip down to my house. really really nice having u guys around!! let's keep this tradtition going okay! =) ping came down as well! heee =) and she was actually around the whole time. would have been good if she treated it like it was her own house lor. no need to be so ke qi one... its huat anyway. heee... u guys were all marvellous. and thankz ping for helping me entertain e others as well! can i hire u agn nxt year? and lili came down much to ping's relieve.. hahaha. all the action ended at about 7.... where everyone left together.. hmmmm walked them all to the mrt. den went home to a near empty house. feel so quiet now. gosh. and suddenly i was feeling quite sian. it was the extreme change in mood from super hyper and all till now. so it caused abit of melanchony in me. managed to arrange mahjong at my house with willie and fushman and tiger. shoik man. they came at about 10+. so i was feeling all hyped up agn. ended the day with a supper at lavender. not many stalls were open. only a couple here and there. not even the drink stall. we had to get drinks from this make shift stall which sold drinks at nearly triple the price! ha~

a very very fulfilling chu 2!! really had alot alot of fun =) and now for chu 3.. the day of money spending after collecting all the ang pows..... met tiger and ros for a really late lunch at swensens. haa.. den proceeded to willie's hse to bai nian. hung around there for quite a long time. waited for dam to come and played game. poor ros. haha. after which we were deciding to watch movie. but suddenly ros announced that she doesn't wan to watch. so we headed down to spizza at club st. had 2 weird naming pizzas. but its really a very nice place to be. highly recommended by me now that i'e been there. jus that the menu is kinda jus limited to pizzas. yea... but of cos u still get ur wines and drinks... if u get wat i mean.. just then... joyce called. and she wanted to come out for supper... so i asked if she was game for movie. and she was! aha! seems like we're gonna get to watch our movie after all! settled for seoul raiders. sent ros back and waited for joyce at northpoint. the show was good. loved the banter and the action. good ol hongkong show. missed them. especially jackie chan's ones... nowadays not even chn8 is showing them.. so it was a fun chu 3 as well! haaaaa... except that i spent alot. ate at 2 restaurants somemore.

chu 4 wasn't that eventful... went out in the morning to my aunties house and uncles house. went to 3 places. but thank god it was all in the east. met tiger n joyce for dinner. and that's all.. thai express. restaurant agn man. high life eh i.... haha. walked around marina sq and its time to go home. spent the whole of sunday at home i tink. yea yea.. jus remembered. went out for dinner with my family. and of cos that itchy toe saga. arrghh. so tat was pretty much my chinese new year. was fun if u ask me. favourite hols must be CNY.... it ranks above Christmas man...

one more big event to cover... which is my 21st birthday. =) aha! will attempt to post it soon. and of cos with photos!

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