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Saturday, April 16, 2005
picture paints a thousand words
surprisingly, i haven't been posting alot on my liverpool football club. reason because they haven been doing anything worth posting lately. but this time round. they've made me so proud yet agn and gave me back the feeling all over again. and the fact that it was against juventus, one of my own most hated clubs, made victory even sweeter den ever.

'liverpool won because juventus underestimated them, so they were jus lucky and they dint deserve to win' the statement the fuelled the fire within me.

  • Underestimating your opponents. Every sportsmen/sportswomen should know that underestimating opponents is the biggest ever no no in sports. Gear yourself up for every match and respect the opponents by putting in ur best effort. Respect is a very big aspect in life and even sports.. geddit suckers? It's like how u respected your grandpa and grandma and in turn your grandpa and grandma loves you to nuts.
  • Liverpool was lucky. If liverpool was lucky, so was juventus. the referee was quite a joke in the 1st leg. he made decisions so in liverpool's favour in the 1st half, but somehow converted to a juventus supporter in the 2nd half. maybe that's his way of 'being fair'. However, luck is also a big part of sports. let's say u're damn unlucky, you wun be expecting to win anything will u??? even if u try to score a goal from 2 metres out. without the goalkeeper there. as u raise ur legs, u might sneeze, lose ur balance... fall down, face landing on the ball. So blame yourself only if luck is not on ur side.
  • Not deserving to win. BUT WE WON. MUAHAHHAHAA... we won, you lost. Period. Anymore u say, i'm jus gonna answer you with 2 words. 2 - 1.
enjoy the pictures of jubilations below. really invoked the liverpool self within me to the maximum!!
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