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Wednesday, April 13, 2005
Singapore Blogs

Lately, i've been checking out blogs and blogs. and many of them are really interesting. eloquent and smooth, with that swig of humour in it. Offer u insights of many lives u'll never live. This brings me to look at myself? eh.... am i like living a life at all?? but that's not the topic for now. i can elaborate till the cats climbs down or the dinosaur comes back. just plain whining of my life that is.

Back to the eloquent and smooth bloggers, and mind u... these people i'm talking about are all true blue singaporeans, meaning there are from singapore, and not neccessary that they love singapore. stand up for singapore! well, i'll stand up if some hot chick is around but for singapore? i might. i do love singapore to a certain extent. but will certainly stand up for the hot chick.

If there ever was a Blog Nation.
Mr Miyagi would be the President of the Blog Nation of Singapore. but ok, in Singapore's context, the Prime Minister of the Blog Nation would be more apt. That is if we discount the recently borned title of Minister Mentor and Senior Minister.

Cowboy Caleb the pioneer of the Cowboy Bar featured in TNP. Eddy Neo , the person who will make even Wile E. Coyote in Road Runner seems like a winner in life.

And now the chicks,
Little Miss Drinkalot , she drinks alot and loves her dog. And the foreign ah lian, Celle . Of course there are many many more talented singaporean writers. But i believe everyone should more or less know everyone else in the Bloggers Premier League as i put it. Or others refer it to the Fellowship of the Blogs. whatever.

Sidetracking a little. i would like to share what i had for lunch. i had watermelon with char siew. But the char siew was fantastic. almost hong kong char siew standard. roasted to perfection. however the watermelon was a tad disappointing. it was too warm. watermelons should be ate cold. but not cold when in 'u jus take it out from the freezer' cold Almost digusting you might guess. Or u might suggest that i'm trying to outwit u by thinking i ate the char siew followed by the watermelon. If you thought that way, well, u're kinda correct.

Another incident that happened a couple of weeks back when i went to ttsh clinic to see the doctor. I walked into the docs room. he diagnosed me. Told me the usual stuffs. get more rest. bla bla bla. then he noticed my buddhist bangle i wear around my wrist. and he asked

Doc : 'so you're a buddhist?'

Me : 'ya. *sneeze sneeze*.'

He then proceeded to close the lil window and the door for his nurses to walk in and out. he asked me if i believed there was a God. he asked me if i understood what Christianity is all about. i had to be diplomatic and nice. He of cos was the person that's gonna give me the bloody all important MC. and i couldn't tell him that i'm busy i gotta go back to work, cos i'm 'sick'!! i've been thru this issue many many times. i had to go thru all that he's saying now. AGAIN. among the many sentences of preaching, i've heard that all impt threatening one.

Doc : 'You know if you're not a christian, you'll go to hell when you die?''

Me : 'ya i know and i'll make sure i borrow the fork from satan and shove it up your bloody arse'

okay, i dint say that, but i wished i did if he weren't holding on to my MC. so i said.

Me : 'huh? oh really? that is quite sad.'

this happened a couple of weeks ago. so i can't really remember the exact words he said to me. but it was somewhere along the line of showing utter no respect for other religions even catholics. i was appalled by the level that he lowered himself to in order to convince someone else to be a christian. to him he might be doing good because he's trying to give salvation to someone. save them from hell and satan's fork but to make those derogatory remarks about other people's religion. it was totally uncalled for. he deserves his ass to be wiped by satan himself jus for saying those things.

come on man. like i was saying in my earlier post, that respect has to be earned. if you are a christian, and you go around disrespecting other religion and start praising your own. you think people would actually think

people : 'oh, my religion got insulted, and he's praising his religion, so i think i should switch camp.'

come on!!!!! did the elephant mistake your brain for a peanut and ate it up??? wake up. i gave him rather sickly answers and my cough came on more regularly as the conversation, or rather preaching went on. after roughly about 15mins. he decided to stop and let me go. with just a 1 DAY MC. thankz. i thought that after going thru all those shit. i would at least deserve a 3 days MC.. or if not even a 2 days MC. but he jus gave me 1 day.

So do take note of a certain Gospel Poon if u do go down to TTSH clinic to get an MC.. errr.. i mean see a doctor.. The next time i go down and he starts agn, i promise i'll run the risk of losing my MC and jus retort him at all cost. Burn Gospel Poon!! BURN........ ya, and i will not make any insulting remarks becos i know what the hell respect is.

P.S. i'm jus mad at that doctor. and he did say all those. no harm is meant to be directed at christians. cos i myself have many close friends who are christians themselves.

this posted shall be updated soon as it's my going home time and i've got to leave the graveyard.. err.. office i mean...

post updated. up there. i've decided to start another post.

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  • At 7:41 PM, Blogger CELLE said…

    oh lalallalala i hate hate hatwe those evangelists!!!!!
    Like they noe for sure the rest of us are goin to hell.. how he know? he gone b4 meh? basket...
    act like he knows everything.. these ppl act like they know everything.. what they mena by KNOw or bEIEVE is so book-based.. heh.. blind faith laa.. these ppl are desperate.. thats why bopian.. must relly on some sort of blind faith that will give them short cut to 'heaven'...
    that whole believing package got insurance anot? ?????
    tsk tsk....
    ok larr.. enuf liao...
    u calm dowm la. dun go to that doctor again. har harr...

  • At 11:55 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    You people are just sad... why do you think that we believe.. you think tis is "blind faith"?? well look around... there's so much evidence around you.. whether you choose to see them or not its your choice..

    i agree that what the doctor did was not right.. but you do realise that he has good intentions right... and you realy shouldn't judge people..

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