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Tuesday, April 19, 2005
Before we all attempt to ask any of those questions. There is a pressing issue to tackle. the Who's Who of the Singapore Cabinet. Yes, go on with those jokes about you don't see any people when you open the Cabinet.....

Prime Minister and Minister for Finance
Mr LEE Hsien Loong

Senior Minister, Prime Minister's Office
Mr GOH Chok Tong

Minister Mentor, Prime Minister's Office
Mr LEE Kuan Yew

Deputy Prime Minister and Co-ordinating Minister for Security and Defence, Prime Minister's Office
Dr Tony TAN Keng Yam

Deputy Prime Minister andMinister for Law

Minister for Home Affairs Mr WONG Kan Seng

Minister for Transport Mr YEO Cheow Tong

Minister for Foreign Affairs
Mr George Yong-Boon YEO

Minister for Information, Communications and the Arts
Dr LEE Boon Yang

Minister for National Development Mr MAH Bow Tan

Minister, Prime Minister's Office
Mr LIM Boon Heng

Minister for Trade and Industry
Mr LIM Hng Kiang

Minister for Defence
Mr TEO Chee Hean

Minister, Prime Minister's Office, and Second Minister for National Development
Mr LIM Swee Say

Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, and Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs
Dr YAACOB Ibrahim

Minister for Health
Mr KHAW Boon Wan

Minister for Education

Minister for Manpower and Second Minister for Education
Dr NG Eng Hen

Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, and Second Minister for Trade and Industry

Minister, Prime Minister's Office, Second Minister for Finance, and Second Minister for Foreign Affairs
Mr Raymond LIM Siang Keat

Half the people have absolutely no idea who's the Minister of Finance. Come on, all day long we worry about money and we want more money, we say we need money, money and money. But who gives a shit who the Minister of Finance is? There's this thinking that we are too small a fry to influence any decision, so why do we even bothering to care?

True. most of the time, even if many many small fries come together to try and change the decisions, or show that they are fiercely against certain decisions, they voices would not be heard, or rather their voices would be ignored.

Why? Because the government knows the best for us. We are aliken to infants, still unable to make decisions for ourselves. And it's funny how both Low Thia Khiang and Chiam See Tong both opposed the Government's decision of building the casino. So, even if they themselves are for the idea, but they would still be obliged to go against the idea just because they are the opposition? Would that be the case?

I would guess it will be a yes. That's what opposition party is for. Not many is willing to take this road nowadays i guess. After all that happened to the previous oppositions, it's easy to see why. Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang both leaves very very huge shoes to be filled. Despite being amount the minority, they've managed to garner the support and respect of their residences.

Enuff about the casino issue already, that will be that, and its really good that there'll be so much more jobs for pple to do. I might make my way there to be a card dealer or smthing in the future. So i can be colleagues with all the bunny girls. Wish me luck ya?
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