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Thursday, May 26, 2005
In Response to Badmuthafucka (or watever ur nick is)
Hi there =)

u seem to be abit sore for whatever the reason is. well...

I quote from Soccernet ''The final decision is expected to be made at the UEFA executive committee meeting in Manchester on June 17.''

So unless u're living in a time beyond us normal beings, or you having the ability to travel through time to see the future, i don't see the reason why you should ask us to enjoy playing in the UEFA Cup next season. Another reason might be that you don't have the neccessary ability to read dates and determine which part of the year we are actually in. So let me correct you, June 17 is actually 3 weeks away. You might have to stop doing whatever you're doing to your mutha.... Seems like ur brain aint really taking it too well.

Allow me to put forward several possible scenario

1) u r a Milan fan - going ahead by 3 goals and losing the lead in 6 minutes doesn't really make you a deserving Champions League winner

2) u r a Chelsea fan - u might have beaten us twice in the EPL, but we whooped ur ass when it matters most

3) u r a Juventus fan - cream of italian soccer? and getting blitz by a team 5th in the EPL, and italian league is the best in the world? maybe we should include some norwegian team in the Serie A to add some excitement ya?

4) u r a Manure fan - 2 European Cups as compared to 5. Do you have any European Cups in ur Trophy Cabinet? oh, sorry, i forgot u dint even managed to win anything this season. How about the marvellous performance in the FA Cup final and yet not able to convert any chances? RVN is looking more and more like the donkey in shrek.

5) u r an Arse-nal fan - seems like we've gotten the title that you wanted the most. u being European Champions? dream on...

6) u r an Everton fan - if liverpool end up in the UEFA Cup, I'm sure we'll meet you in the same competition and show you how European ties should be played. or wait, can u even make it pass the qualifying rounds?

7) u r a Newcastle fan - enjoy the inter-toto cup!

But enjoy i will, you dun have to worry, i'll enjoy being the King of Europe. The European Champions, on one of the greatest night ever in Champions League history. and i'll be enjoying with the other Liverpool fans all around the world. Keeping the trophy and enjoying the status.

Well, looks like you're gonna be walking alone huh?
posted by bobby @ 7:04 PM  
  • At 7:46 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    hey dude congrats but erm doesnt make liverpool any better to me. anyways just to inform u i moved my blog to a new site

  • At 9:20 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    U know what now that i have read every single word of this entry, u make my blood boil. Just this is the beginning of the end hahahaaa

  • At 1:12 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what the fuck man dude... oh well let's just say that if we win e intertoto cup we might just be playing in e same competition next season...


  • At 1:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    anyway think i'll throw in my couple of cents worth too...

    (1) pool were outplayed tactically in technically in e entire 1st half...

    (2) pool only played soccer for abt 15min in e 2nd....

    (3) ...before seemingly holding on for their dear lives, cisse was so lonely up front i think he would have considered internet matchmaking...

    (4) even in extra-time it was only e desperate paws of dudek that kept pool in e game

    (5) Milan had one seemingly valid goal disallowed from shevchenko and pool had garcia to thank for a goal-line clearance... pretty lucky escapes in my opinion

    (6) if the milan players had taken a little longer with their penalty kicks, dudek would have walked all e way to merseyside and back... i was rather surprised e referee didnt see that

    but there again, i shall not hold back on my congratulations, pool came back from 3-0 down against a team with arguably e best defence in world soccer, and that alone is a feat worthy of the term "winners"

    all in all, pool were e winners of e match, winners of e trophy... but i would stop short from calling them e champions of e champions league...

  • At 2:13 AM, Anonymous badmuthafucker said…

    you are rite pool fan, 3 weeks it is
    i am happy an english team has won
    i have nothing against pool
    but their fans?
    who claim every fan(man u,arse,ect) is arrogant and gloats but now, i see you ppl have falled into the sad state, as it can be cleary seen from your post
    u feel every team is inferior compared to yours? manybe now yes, but what of the previous times when nothin was won but still jibes taken at other teams

    3 weeks we shall wait
    but i give credit where it is due, and that is at anfield, where the champions of europe reside

    for now.

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