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Wednesday, May 25, 2005
Are You Lonesome Tonight?

i find this a damn stupid question to ask people. or it'll feel damn weird to be asked this question.

Imagine you in school, at work, or jus taking a afternoon nap, and suddenly somebody sms you. 'Are you lonesome tonight?' how will you react?

Different Scenarios.

  • Guy received sms from Guy - 'Eh, fuck off lah!!!'

  • Girl received sms from Guy - Various forms of reactions. Varies from not replying the sms, reply jus with 'dot dot dot' or reply jus with '???'

  • Girl received sms from Girl - 'Don't need to matchmake me liao lar, yours all no standard one'

  • Guy received sms from Girl - 'Yea!! I'm real lonesome! Why Why Why???? Are you lonesome too? Shall we not be lonesome anymore?''

As you can see, the question is not taken very seriously. And it ranks high up there among the cheesiest ever pick-up line said.

Trying asking your boss 'Are you lonesome tonight?' and see what happens.

I tried.. and she just gave me Bs and Cs in my Staff Apraisal Report and categorised me under 'not recommended for promotion' Fuck.
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