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Monday, May 23, 2005
musical baton
wanted to blog. but blogger was taking forever to load. it was slow. probably slower then me making that dash for the 100 metres sprint. it somehow made me lose my enthusism.

been losing touch with the music scene. been listening to most of my recycled mp3s.

There's this musical baton thing going around but nobody seems to be passing it to me. dang. so i'll have to do the loserish thing and do it without anybody passing me the baton

Total volume of music files on my computer:

300 hours 36 minutes 31 seconds which equates to about 12 and a half day of music.
I saved all my music in millions of different folders. so it's quite hard to find out exactly how much space it takes up in my com.. prolly about 17GB. (man... i should try listening to my whole playlist once thru)

The last CD I bought was:

twins latest album

Song playing right now:

some song by sylvester sim, well.. support local products...

Five songs I listen to a lot, or mean a lot to me (or I just like):

walk on - U2 - aint been a big bono fan, but someone dedicated this song to me once when i was down and totally out. never really talked to that person since then. but well, that's another story

grow old with you - adam sandler - i'm a romantic person after all

run rabbit run - eminem - well, it sounds like my life

sei tu - the dining rooms - always calms me down

in the waiting line - zero 7 - puts me in the dreamy mood (do u believe what you see?)

that concludes it. still on the topic of music. limp bizkit jus came up with a new album. The Unquestionable Truth Part 1. 7 songs. i took a listen to it. bad. i was a fan since their first album. but they were on the decline. and now i proclaim officially dead. well... that has to be the unquestionable truth they're talking about. can't think of any other more starking fact then that.
Seems like more people are into the more chilling out kinda music nowadays. singaporeans are getting more relaxed? or singaporeans are getting lazier? can't be bothered about that. if u're one of those looking for new stuffs to listen to. i'm here to help. at least here are some of my recommendations. love it or hate it it's all up to u. if u love it, u can always leave a comment if u want to to tell me how good my taste in music is.

if u choose to hate it... jus click on the file after downloading it, and hit the delete button situated somehow on ur keyboard. and that's that.

Top Recommendations by Bobby Pua

now i go on to another slightly different kind of music. jazz. and abit of audiophile. i've got very limited knowledge of jazz. but i try my best.. u might find some stuffs u like.
  • Jane Monheit
  • Peter Cincotti
  • Etta James
  • Bebel Gilberto
  • Madeleine Peyroux
  • Renee Olstead

aren't you delighted with all your new songs?? let me in if you have the same genre of music such as these and i dint mention them. i'm always up for new stuffs especially if it's music.

One last mention - The Crystal Method - they can probably outbass Prodigy or Chemical Brothers with hard rocking beats anytime. dunno how u classify them.. but i will put them under industrial metal. hmmm.. yea...

      posted by bobby @ 3:14 AM  
      • At 9:26 AM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

        is that a chain letter? kinda lame isnt it .......

      • At 4:13 AM, Anonymous badmuthafucker said…

        crystal method have been ard since 1995 u fucking prick, when chemical brothers were still known as the dust brothers. how can TCM be the new chemical brothers? and their music is drum and bass.
        but ur reccomendations are pretty gd dude.


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