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Wednesday, May 11, 2005
mother's day
21 years and about 3 and a half months ago, a kao pei kia was born into this earth. luckily he wasn't very kao pei when young. but he has got to be taken care of. and he was really really taken care of till this very day 11th May 2005 by the very same person. This boy borned on 2nd Feb 1984 was very very pampered indeed.

Primary school. Being worried for the younger brother of the 2, who had weak hands. bought food from the canteen stall and spilled the food all over, she made it a point to come down to the primary school everyday, to buy lunch for the 2 boys. who either had piano lessons, or remedial classes. without fail be it rain or shine. den after that she will jus go home after making sure that her boys had a properly lunch. and not skip it jus to go play soccer or whatever else.

There's no classic story of anybody being sick at night and mummy carrying the boy on her back to look for a doctor in the rain. but she's still the first the wake up every morning, to ensure that everybody in the family gets up, and everyone gets to wherever they are supposed to get to on time. most of the time even with breakfast... been doing this ever since i had to go to school. even till now. and many a times i wake up.. the first thing i say is not a word of thanks. but i'll jus t scream back at her. i mean i'm the one getting screwed for being late. she wun be. but she still wakes us up everyday without fail.

If there's anyone who claims that she's a simple woman. i dare you to challenge mummy. She's the simplest woman i know. I know when she's sad. I know when she's happy. She loves watching lovely and heartwarming shows. She watches cartoon. She knows all the latest entertainment gossips. Its all this simple things that she does. Simply by watching a nice cartoon, a nice tv show... can make her happy.

And i think she makes the best dinner. Even when she doesn't know how to cook a certain dish. she tries and tries, so that we can eat wat we like. And whenever we go for camps, chalets, stayovers, i can see the worries and anxiety in her eyes. I was a bastard when i was in sec3 and sec4. i made her worried. i made her worry alot for me. i yelled and screamed at her and walked out of the house. Now that i recall... i would have really hurt her. she must be really really sad. I've only told her i'm sorry for all this once in sec 4. and that time i was kinda 'forced' to do it. i wrote a letter to her on my graduation.. like everyone else did for their parents. and i apologized for all i did. she cried. so did i.

I'm not a crybaby. i dun cry that easily. i'm still one of those MAN that dun like to cry. act tough and all. u know? but there's one very very soft spot in me. my weakness. and that's for my parents. whenever i think about them, or worry about them, tears will threaten to come down my cheeks. there was once when my dad was not around. and my mum fainted in the toilet. my whole mind jus went blank. i was scared. i was 20yrs old. but my mind transformed into that of a 2 yrs old. i dint know wat to do at all. i was worried and scared and jus blanked out even for a moment. nothing can be more worrying. i cried. they are not getting any younger. and i'm still unable to be able to provide for them. i've gotta do something about it fast.

If there's anything i need, my mum will be the one that is kam jiong and anxious for me. she will in fact be more anxious den me about everything. somehow life is really made much simpler with her around. is all mom the same? i dunno.

But if there's a woman that i love the most in my life... it's my mum.

**another PS to my future wife** u've gotta love my mum too k?
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