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Friday, May 06, 2005
the notepad
i've got nothing much to say today. but i guess i'll post something up anyway. been living a very rural lifestyle these couple of days. living a villager's life (except for the TV, Internet, Handphone, Radio, PS2, Telephone) very peaceful. sometimes i wonder if i do like to spend time by myself, with myself, for myself.

but it all depends on the mood. i'm totally a mood person. i can be up for anything sometimes, but some days i just dun feel like doing anything. so i tend to be quite extreme. been nursing a belly lately. it's been nursed so well it's growing and growing. cool. but not that cool if my mindset is on building a great body. my body is not great. but it's okay. i like it. i think i'm cool. and i'm not exactly i healthy person. i've substained injuries in almost every part of my body. loose ankle, fragile back, perpetual coughing, ultra sensitive nose... these being the major problem zones.

and the problem about my temper?? hmmmm.. i can say that i've simmered down alot alot alot alot alot alot alot since my teenage days. haven't heard myself screaming at people at the top of my voice for a long time. but what worries me is that nowaday, when faced with problems, i keep it inside more. maybe that's why i'm balding. nabeh. all the worries i dun wanna share with anyone.

''if you dun carry your own burden, who the fuck will carry for you?'' i once told a fren. he had nothing to say.

it's true. ultimately it's YOU. you control your own bloody life.

my fren once told me a story. no idea where he got that story from. but it's still a story..

There once lived a man named Dan. Dan had a loving wife and very cute son who was 2yrs old. One day, Dan found God. Dan believed in God wholeheartedly. Dan wanted to be a very good man. Dan quitted drinking, quitted smoking, quitted gambling. All he wanted was to do good. He started to go around the streets helping the poor, the old and the beggars. He neglected his job as a carpenter. The loving wife was now struggling to feed the cute son. Dan gave the food he had at home away. he made chairs and gave them to the beggars for free. He stopped working for money. He knew that if he believed in God... all will be fine.

The wife and son had nothing to eat as there was no money. Dan returned to his home one day to find out that the wife and son had left him as he had been neglecting them as well. He had no idea of their whereabout. Poor Dan. But he still believed in God. He did what God wanted him to do.. He had no food now. He continued helping people despite his lack of food and rest. Dan was indeed a great man. Dan died at the age of 33.

Did Dan live out his purpose? To help the poor? He succeeded in life? He was a great man....
Dan was a poor father and husband? He did not provide for his family? Responsibility towards his family?
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