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Wednesday, May 18, 2005
what to do?
i'm now facing a very very important decision in my life! because i feel that my life is quite shitty. because i feel damn tired every day. and when i feel tired. i in turn have no life also.

hmmmmm.............................. why do i have no life??? actually many people think i have a life. or isit? ok. so i was quite happening. maybe not happening now. i enjoy a cup of coffee.... either at starbucks or at the friendly neighbourhood kopi tiam. actually the kopi tiam more shoik. i can anyhow sit.... shake my leg like nobody business.... and those plastic chairs at kopi tiam got those holes... den when i fart.. i dun have to bounce up so much. and kopi tiam is much more open air... so not many people will notice it when i fart.

but starbucks is shoik also. the ambience is damn good. super relaxing feel to it. more high class. and there might be pretty girls around reading story book whom i can go up to and say hi. girls reading story books at starbucks are the most vulnerable to be said hi to by me. try..

i dun feel funny todae. i feel depressed. why? i need counselling. i need professional help!! i never knew working here could really make me go berserk so soon. i'm crazy. but i'm a different kind of crazy. i will show u my ass if u wanted at the kopi tiam. jus pull down my pants only mar. den pull it up agn. simple as that. that i do no problem. but here. i gotta endure the mental stress and pressure of everything happening around me. it feels like i'm being judged man.

u know whats the worst thing? it doesn't help even if u're good. they can't sack me. and i won't get a payrise. haha. eh!! i'm always complaining! dang. can i stop complaining??? NO!! i'm a blardy whiny ass... i am. no joke. think subconsciously i enjoy complaining. share my anger and displeasure with people. ANY COUNTRIES WITH A COMPLAINING CULTURE???? i wanna go there!!

actually hor.... i think singapore shud be the most powerful complaining country. everywhere u go... in the toilet.... at macdonald.... shopping centre... in the lift... in the office..... in the bus, train, cab.... u hear people complaining. think about it. most conversations.. doesn't it start with a complain??

kopi tiam scenario
''nabeh, zheng hu bo gib warning..... increase road tax again.''

macdonald scenario
''wah lau, just now the test sibei sibei hard sia.. tmr take back result sure fail liao lar..''

office scenario
''that girl ah, always wear until like that.. aiyo... always MCS me leh.. how to work like this??''

shopping center
''that salesman so rude one lor, if he not handsome i sure scold him already''


get my drift? we cannot live in a world where we are contented. i wish i could. i shall try to work towards a life of contentment. that would really be reaching nirvana. but i would be quite happy to shake the hands of Nirvana... Kurt Cobain especially. but he's dead. wun wan to shake his hands. i would be scared shitless if he appeared right in front of me. maybe i would pee on the spot... and my pee would smell like teen spirit.. hurhurhur....

today will be a very good day for me to recharge myself. been to 2 consecutive birthday parties. both on working days. and i haven recovered from my mission trip to hongkong yet.. legs are still wobbly. think i need better shoes. anyone to buy me bally's?? oh yea.... great party yiffie and sheena~ =) would have been made better with free flow of drinks man. hahahaha. =P but u guys made me step into a club.... something that i haven done for a long long time. i swore off clubbing for the longest of time. i dunno why also. probably the biggest reason is to save money i guess. and i spent the money in my greater joy in life. KTV. haha. Gigs for me anyone??

I'm damn experienced.... grand total of ONE gig so far..... think the crowd was about 200? not bad huh? i do guitar... i do piano.... i sing.... but ok.. haven touched piano for a long time. longer den not clubbing. Song singing anyone??

*zheng hu = gahmen = government = the fella i working for

*MCS = Make Cock Stand Example = Angelina Jolie / Shu Qi is very very sexy.... She's the MCS kind of girl man....
Example = That salesgirl is damn MCS man!!!!
or any other way u like to use it.
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  • At 12:35 AM, Anonymous Lorrie said…

    i'll try sitting at starbucks and reading a book... hope u'll find me.. lol.. gotta look islandwide though.. we could play hide and seek. ahahaha :)

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