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Tuesday, May 17, 2005
the holiday
i'm back from hong kong. and normally. when u go for trips. u learn new things. so i bring forward to you.....


  1. Hong Kong people loves their Mercedes Benz. its what you see ard. BMW are so much less seen. every where i turn, its that Mercs thing..

  1. Hong Kong people do not look at you when they talk to you. It's like when u're in the shop, the sales assistance will talk... but i have no idea if they're talking to me or not! cos i dun really understand what the hell they are talking when they are jus shooting cantonese out of their mouth at the speed of water dripping down from Niagara Falls..

  1. Hong Kong people do not like Gardenia or Sunshine bread. i walked into a few 7-11s... no signs of any loaves of breads around at all. What do they eat when they're rushing to work in the morning man?

  1. Hong Kong people have a faster average walking speed then us. and when they're walking fast... they jus still manage to seem so casual about it! wth man! i tried to walk like them, but got tired a few 20 steps.

  1. Hong Kong people are generally smaller sized then us. I was in the train. and i could see all the balding patches of the guys. and also the tip of everyone's head.

  1. Hong Kong cable TV is bad. I was dying of boredom in the hotel room. All we watched were bloody soccer! Not that i'm not a soccer fan. but i got paranoid of the crowd cheering sound in the middle of the night.

  1. Hong Kong has alot of pretty girls. I miss them alot. I talked to a couple of them. But not chatting. Just asking for directions or buying stuffs from them. It's like their sales girls are so pretty it really makes u feel like buying from them.

  1. Hong Kong people loves their Converse shoes. If u thought Converse was dead.. jus look at what Hong Kong punks are wearing on their feet man..

  1. Hong Kong people speaks irritating but entertaining English. really wonder why Americans make fun of Chinese using the Hong Kong way of speaking English. WTH MAN!!

  1. Hong Kong has cheap Ovaltine Ice Cream. 1 dollar for 1 Ovaltine Ice Cream. Big Big Shoik Shoik.

  1. Hong Kong 7-11 provides proper sauce for cup noodles. Oyster sauce Soy sauce Light Soy sauce Chilli sauce. Its all there. Makes ur cup noodles damn shoik also.

  1. Hong Kong sells porn mags in 7-11

  1. Hong Kong has many Africans walking around the streets at night. Not those with leaves as their own form of clothing of cos. its those with ! in their names. eg. !xobile

  1. Hong Kong people speaks louder then us. Was in the cafe place. all the ppl spoke with thunderous voices. all like trying to out talk each other. damn. i feel damn damn soft there... me! yes....

  1. Hong Kong sells 'wu ling mi ji' secret martial arts manual at pasar malam. And they only cost $0.50 per book! wonder why i dint buy it. dang...

  1. Hong Kong guys shops for fake plastic dicks at pasar malam. this i saw with my own eyes. maybe he had an itchy ass or something.

  1. Hong Kong has mega shit ass big shopping malls. u gotta be there to believe it. its BIG!! walk until u cry also haven walk finish.

  1. Hong Kong has mega shit ass big crowd that shops. if u think that they have so many many shopping malls and nobody will go there and shop. u're mightly wronG!!! the crowd is 10 times worst on a friday night in Hong Kong den a Saturday evening in Singapore.

  1. Hong Kong people really loves their sushi. Especially sushi bars. its filled with never ending queues.

  1. Hong Kong streets are rarely filled with cigratte buds. It's weird that everywhere i go i see people smoking. and dustbins are quite hard to find. but still they dun throw it on the floor! Maybe they keep it in their pocket.

  1. Hong Kong people do not like to wear berms. The only people wearing berms were us.. and the ang mohs. Think they all have ugly leg hairs...

  1. Hong Kong people likes to notice other people's fashion. They look at the shirt u wear.. they look at the shoes u wear... everything from head to toe. they will scrutinise u man.i kept getting the being looked at feeling.

  1. Hong Kong has many many many pretty girls. this is a repeated point. but i cannot stress enough how true it is...

  1. Hong Kong has very few fat girls. We saw 3 in 4 days. Its either they are damn good at slimming... or all the fat girls dun dare to step out of house.

  1. Hong Kong has hot chicks for money changers. Instead of Mamas. It really works. U see this hot chick in this enclosed area, and den a mama in an enclosed area.. which will u walk towards?? the hot chick lar! damn poor rates also nvm man. u pay the extra to talk to her man.

For those who have came so far... i think i should reward u by giving u 2 more interesting facts! Congrats to all those reading here!!!

  1. Hong Kong trains comes much more frequent then ours. the longest time i've waited for a train there is 3 mins. and i take the train at least twice a day man.

  1. Hong Kong people has very good elevator culture.. they automatic move to the right hand side. so that people rushing can rush up from the left side. COOL MAN! i dun see Singapore becoming like that. Graceful society man..

if u noticed. all the bullets are numbered number 1. however. if u count. there are 27 points all together. i never bluff u. these are jus the interesting facts abt hong kong i noticed. think i'll blog more abt the trip soon. alot of work now that i've been away for so long. sianz. when i came back i cudden see the bottom of my table. i always thought that this was jus a matter of speech. never knew that it could actually happen. the files and all looked damn scary. if u got more interesting hong kong facts. do let us know!!

back to work. ciao

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  • At 12:03 PM, Blogger CELLE said…

    honkies like to fight in big groups carrying parang.. u got see the mafia in action anot?

  • At 12:05 PM, Blogger CELLE said…

    btw.. how come u dun display ur email addie? how to email u?

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