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Friday, May 20, 2005
boring life of a boring person Pt 1
i wan to blog. i feel like typing. my fingers are itching to type. but not my brain. my brain is acting like its not part of me. it just wants to switch off. blardy hell.

i shall tell everybody about my normal working day. this will bore the whole world to death. but this is my daily life and daily routine... i'm living it... and u're jus reading it.. who's getting it worst man??? and u're gonna read it once... i'll have to live with it for another blardy plus plus year.

Morning... my leg will get lugged.... face will get slapped.... body will be slammed by my bolster.... lights will be on.... radio will be on full blast.... different tactics and strategy adopted by the alarm clock of the year.. my mom... to get me to wake up. this is the time of the day that time passes the faster.... minutes jus fly pass... i lie in bed... not wanting to face reality. i jus want to drift into another dimension. knowing that somewhere out there... a better place awaits my arrival.. there's jus a place that i can go.. to continue sleeping. and not be awaken to go to work.

but this was not to be. u know? reality hurts. and i had to face reality. reality means that i had to get my lazy ass out of my hibernating spot. and get myself walking to the living room. it's a long walk. at least it feels like it. everything in the morning seems so ugly. nothing is nice. every little thing pisses me off. i dun like to talk in the morning. my voice is low enuff as it is. my morning voice would probably sound like darth vader. but not that sounding like darth vader is not cool enuff for me. but i willl jus get pissed of by my own voice.

the aunty from my office jus came to kajiao me.. now my train of thought is damn off... ARRRGHHHH screw u damn auntie!!! not that i wan to screw her lar!!! jus a matter of speech meaning that i'm damn pissed off with her!

den i proceed to take my breakfast.. mian bao with gu you and a cup of kopi (bread with butter and a cuppa cuppucino) ok the problem now is that i'm probably so darn sick of my breakfast.. i do not even bother to complain anymore.. and it has become too much of a eating jus for the sake of filling my stomach and not fainting in the office later and not making those highly embarrassing growling sound from ur stomach. so i jus think abt that every morning and gobble down the food.

the tv will be on every morning by my mom. it'll be on chn 52. some taiwan news channel. i'll be sitting in the living room.. gobbling down my mian bao with gu you.. and absorbing the latest news from taiwan. todae's news was some man walking into a convenience store with a parang.. and hacking his wife (who was the cashier there) to death before slashing his own throat. they showed the survellience shots. morbid stuffs.

yesterday was a news on this red bull style drink being poisoned. and this poor chap drank the poisoned red bull style drink.. and on the news, they showed that the can itself had this sticker showing the 3 words. 'wo you du' meaning 'i'm poisonous' well... people sometimes are really DAMN thirsty. taiwanese news is 10 times more interesting then singapore news. at least these shocking news makes me abit more awake. the realisation of these things happening in the world. well. its always a weird feeling.

showering makes me even more awake. cold water down the head... brrrrrrr... and sometimes i poop when i have got the time. abit of clothes wearing and hair styling.. and i'm ready to go... all this can happen in 15mins... i wake up at 0730... and gotta be out of the house latest 0748 to get to work. so i'm actually quite a quick preparer for morning...

next up is the most dreaded part.. walking to the bus stop.. and walking up the mountain to get to my office... ok... not much of a mountain.. a slope maybe. it takes 2 stops to get to my busstop.. okok i can send ppl hurling vulgarities at me for complaining abt getting to work when my workplace is 2 busstops away.. but it's really quite abit of a walk u know??? my poor legs which has to carry my weight have to support me thru all this walking everyday. poor legs. i'll pamper u someday i promise.

Upon reaching the office. this is the start of staring at the computer screen. i'll boot up my computer... grab my waterbottle and head to the pantry to fill up my bottle. i love drinking.. if there aint no beer.. water should do fine too. back to my computer screen, check my emails for any sort of work...

if no email concerning work -- i'll start surfing around my daily sites.. soccernet, liverpool website, E!, entTom and blogs all around.

if there's email concerning work -- i'll start surfing around my daily sites.. soccernet, liverpool website, E!, entTom and blogs all around.

after all that... i'll start work. more of designing posters, designing publicity emails, creating surveys for people, desiminating files to other departments in the building, ensure that everything is ran smoothly, and taking care of the library. sometimes i'm used as a handy man. Collect documents from some fellas, Printer spoil must try and fix, ensure that meeting rooms are available and everyone is available for the meeting. it's all in a days job.

if u're looking for a boring job which sucks up all ur energy for having fun and having no life u can come and join me! i'll be more den glad for some company at work! come come!
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  • At 9:28 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    eh i feel bored after reading the first para........obviously i didnt bother finish reading. i thot my life was boring i guess u are in worst state den i am.

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