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Friday, November 11, 2005
Angry Man
I am very angry man. everyone is talking about dawn yang/yeo. wahhh... give her a break can. even if she went for plastic surgery (which is not even confirmed) she jus want to look prettier mar. what's wrong with wanting to look prettier? which one of u dare to come out here and tell me... that u never ever had the slightest of thought that u wan to look prettier?? huh? HUH???

I so handsome already i always got think of wanting to make myself look more handsome also... all the more dawn yang/yeo. i'm defending her. yes. i play soccer i always play defender... so i'm good at defending. got problem issit? keep talking abt her. dun lar.

den say she drive mercs slk in usa say buy the car very cheap. opinion different one mar this kind of thing. bo bian. the way people value money is different. to a kid from a poor family, a $2 chicken rice from the kopi tiam can already be considered a luxury. but a rich kid... go food court eat the $4 chicken rice also will say so low class. very subjective this kind of thing.

another thing is the defination of POOR. how people use the word POOR also very different. Cannot afford to pay the basic bills for electricty and water for each month is considered poor. But not being able to pay the bill for SCV, cable internet, car installment, handphone, credit card like that the person also will call himself poor. haiyo. like this 'by having not enuff money' = 'poor' already?? den everybody also will think that they poor lar!!! mindset must change lar. we too good life already.

ok. i abit drift off from my topic as usual. this is me. i like to drift off. HAHAHAH.

Come Come... and start talking about bobby pua. no problem. he so handsome. very exotic look also. give dawn yang/yeo a break already. i think she had enuff. and i dun have enuff.
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  • At 8:00 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    I didnt know abt this dawn saga until one of my colleagues ask me whether im related to this blogger. Den i came home and do a search and saw that whatever it is post abouther and the plastic surgery. I must say shes pretty, i dun give a bloody damn about surgery really.
    Oh yea bobby is very exotic lol

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