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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
Nguyen Tuong Van
Todae i'm not gonna talk about using the disabled toilets... no one's gonna talk about that anymore... something more interesting might be the death sentence of Nguyen Tuong Van (hope i got the name correct) yet again we managed to piss another country off with our tough' law. well done. and i'm not being sarcastic here. This situation is much more tricker as Michael Faye or Nick Leeson. both those dudes were quite straightforward.

Now this NTV guy say he wanted to go somewhere else. jus that he sway sway bring the heroin with him while in singapore and kena caught. Australia now damn dulan cos we want to kill him. but why they cannot see the big picture? we kill him now... so that he cannot bring the heroin to some other people in some other country and kill them with his heroin?

If he managed to bring his heroin to another country den he will make some people drug addicts. and singapore policemen shud know that drug addicts will not kick their habit easily one. alot of them kena caught already put in jail den come out. they will go and buy and eat drugs agn. den kena caught and put in jail one more time. this cycle goes on and on.

so how to solve this problem of having to find them and put them in jail time after time? kill them lar. thats why the singapore law so powerful one. not say never think about the law if too hard on people or not. but it's jus that can save alot of trouble. not only for the policemen. but also for the drug addict. he mati liao ah... no need to source around for ppl willing to sell him drugs. no need to go around and borrow money from people. u know or not?

now again some people like to say that singapore got a very parentalistic/ paternalistic government. (whichever applies). But u think about it. singapore people complain complain complain... the resturant food serve too slow complain. the traffic light red colour for too long complain. walk walk walk den step onto dog shit also complain. like this the government how to not be like father mother? if dun be like father mother.. they bo chup... den somemore people will complain. wah lau. sian man.

den got some people say that singapore too conservative already. people jus follow the system and do what they are supposed to do. this one i agree lar. i agree singapore people jus follow the system. i also dun wan to follow the system leh. cos i think i very creative one. i think that i can be out of the box. be round round. den nobody got my idea. i be the first one to give the idea. i will be rich already.. den i can succeed mar.. correct or not? but if u be round round in singapore ah. people will say 'this fella siao one lor, dun need care him lar'' den everybody think this way, nobody agree will my brilliant idea. den also lppl sia... that's why alot of people want to go out of singapore.

i told alot of ppl already. what if i never study. since primary 1. i jus go and learn how to cook bar chor mee. learn from primary 1 until jc2. 12years. 12 whole years. u jus do nothing but learn to cook bar chor mee. no need to do maths homework. no need to do ting xie. no need to do composition and comprehension. best.. no need exam! den u try and innovate and think of new ways to improve ur ba chor mee. plus 2 yrs of National Service. you can start work at 20. cook for someone... and save up some money. by 23/24 u shud have enuff to open a new stall. with all the experience u have. u shud be the best ba chor mee fella in singapore by now.. so it takes about 1yr for ur stall to garner reputation and for all the word by mouth to spread. Soon singaporeans will start hording to ur stall. if there's one thing singaporeans can't resist... it's good food.. and by 28/29 u can drive a BMW around already loh..... song bo?

the above is all jus my hypothesis... timeline might be even earlier depending on various different factors.

well.. so u wanna come learn how to cook ba chor mee with me??
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