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Wednesday, October 26, 2005
res & exp
Remind me not to bother about young punks again. young punks agree to play a match with you. and later the young punks will back out. the excuse the young punks gave? that they will have to study for their A levels Chinese on the following Monday.

ok. now let us investigate what else is so wrong about cancelling a supposed match that is only 3 days away. First the excuse is the A levels Chinese. Since it is such an 'important' paper, i have a feeling that they might have informed you about the schedule and that date that you would have to sit for it a bit more then a week in advance. They would have probably told you the date about 3 months sgo. i know it. i've been thru it. and although you might argue that everybody in the whole freaking team forgot about the exams albeit the constant nagging of the chinese teacher. i don't see no reason why this shit is happening. brains anybody?

another point. we are talking about the council here. the leaders of the school. the elected people who have been tasked with bringing the school forward. But with this irresponsibility towards others, i might have to think that there might have been some mistakes in the selection of personnels. All being in school.. it is easy to get the message across. you can jus shout across the council room, shout from one end of the canteen to the other, shout from the right side of the principal to the left side. and everyone will be able to know wat's happening.

the best part is everyone's doing the same thing, studying in school. that's the only committment they have. besides being in the council. common goal common destination. but how about us? we are all seperated into different parts of singapore now. all with their own sets of committments. be it exams, hall stuff, work. How easy is it to be able to get everybody down together for us? All they have to do is to meet any day in school. Doesn't really reflect very well on their sense of responsibility and ability to garner trust from others. i do wish that this is not a sign that the council is going down standard wise.

rematch any time u want. make sure you bring ur paramedics when u come along. =)



more often then not, it is your best frens whom make you feel the most disappointed. because they don't regard you as a fren enough? no. it is because of expectations. you expect more from them. you expect that they will be able to help you when you need help. you expect that they will be there for you. you expect that they will be there anytime of the day. you expect that they laugh with you. you expect that they cry with you.

i have jus disappointed my best fren. i was unable to help my best fren whom jus needed a small favour from me. and of cos i have been disappointed before that i know that this feeling sucks. there's this chinese phrase 'xin you yu er li bu zhu' 'heart got fish, strength not enuff' or rather 'you want to do it, but you are unable to get it done' yea. this sounds better. so i'm not exactly in the best of mood right now too. it always sucks to let someone down. especially someone who trust you so much. i aint a good fren. i always thought i was. but now. like always it hurts when reality hits home. time to reflect on yourself bobby pua.

work is not proving to be smooth sailing. i go home to play dota. and i sleep. most of the time not really enuff. and i go to work. you repeat this process. and that's me. this is not the first time i'm complaining about it. but it's just that i aint having the opportunity to do what i wan. the number 1 joy in life is to make people happy and that they appreciate what you have done. i really find joy in that. when you see people smile genuinely and say 'Thank You'

and i'm just not getting all this. when i work in office. all i get is fake thank yous, sometimes even complaining about why its not done up to standard and other stuffs like that. too much pent up frustrations and nobody to talk to. and i'm serious when i mean nobody to talk to. my handphone bill dropped drastically from a usual of $80-$90 to wat is $30-$40 nowadays. sometimes when something good happens to me, or when something bad happens to me, i scroll through my phonebook... and after 3 rounds.. i jus close my phone and forget it.

and to all ppl who knows me... i jus talk and talk and talk. i'm a blabbermouth.

again, sorry. maybe i aint fit to even be known as a best fren. where joys are kept aside and sorrows are left unsaid

i made a wish upon a falling star
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