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Thursday, October 20, 2005
I've been suffering for 21 years and 8 months now. Everytime i wake up in the morning, my nose is blocked... and i sneeze like hell everytime i'm done bathing. And in air-con rooms, it gets worse. I'll be the only one making all the 'suck up the air using ur nose' sound. I was never able to sleep in an aircon room, my nose will get all stuffy and its almost impossible to breathe properly let alone sleep. Only when i'm out there in the sun that i'm able to breathe properly... no signs of any blockage.

So by right i'm supposed to love the sun rite? by guess wat? I'm also a sufferer of the ever popular migraine. People get migraine due to too much stress, or not enough sleep. But my triggering factor is (surprise surprise) too much exposure to the Sun. Thanks man. Making my life a living example of irony.

The funny thing was that i never knew what this stuffy nose problem was called in its medical terms despite suffering from it for so long. So today, while travelling to work, i decided that i had to do something about it. So with one hand holding my bag and one hand squeezing my nose to make it more comforstable and trying to balance on the bus without having a third hand to hold any railings, i told myself to check it out in the office what its all about.

So here's what i gathered -

Vasomotor (Idiopathic) Rhinitis

What is vasomotor rhinitis?

''Rhinitis" means inflammation of the nose and nasal membranes. "Vasomotor" means blood vessel forces. The membranes of the nose have an abundant supply of arteries, veins, and capillaries, which have a great capacity for both expansion and constriction. Normally these blood vessels are in a half-constricted, half-open state. But when a person exercises vigorously, his/her hormones of stimulation (i.e., adrenaline) increase. The adrenaline causes constriction or squeezing of the nasal membranes so that the air passages open up and the person breathes more freely. (which is why my nose is never blocked when i go exercising. prolly shud do more of that ya? HAHA)

The opposite takes place when an allergic attack or a ''cold'' develops: The blood vessels expand, the membranes become congested (full of excess blood), and the nose becomes stuffy, or blocked.
In addition to allergies and infections, other events can also cause nasal blood vessels to expand, leading to vasomotor rhinitis. These include psychological stress, inadequate thyroid function, pregnancy, certain anti-high blood pressure drugs, and overuse or prolonged use of decongesting nasal sprays and irritants such as perfumes and tobacco smoke. (hmmmm.....)

In the early stages of each of these disorders, the nasal stuffiness is temporary and reversible. That is, it will improve if the primary cause is corrected. However, if the condition persists for a long enough period, the blood vessels lose their capacity to constrict. ( so now means i got disabled blood vessels... knn...) They become somewhat like varicose veins.

They fill up when the patient lies down and when he/she lies on one side, the lower side becomes congested. The congestion often interferes with sleep. (this is what i hate most! and this is why u always see me rolling around in my bed. and prolly explained why my bed gave way 2 months ago. really hate this. i cannot sleep properly. mind u. this happens even in non-aircon rooms. if in aircon room. den i'm gone lar. both nose will be blocked and i can only breathe using my mouth. and in the aircon room. my mouth will be fricking dry in less den 5 mins. so in a non-aircon room, if i sleep on the side, one of my nose will be blocked and i'm forced to move to the other side. if i time it correctly. i'm able to clear both of my nose for a short period by lying down on the center. very very technical indeed. but i'm well trained for almost 22 yrs. haa)

So it is helpful for stuffy patients to sleep with the head of the bed elevated two to four inches accomplish this by placing a brick or two under each castor of the bedposts at the head of the bed. (well, sad to say, this leads to another problem. i use 2 thick pillows to slp. so that i can get the breathing properly mode. but due to the improperly positioning of the head, my neck will ache the next morning! somehow i just cannot have the best of both worlds man. You guys, come on! stop complaining about life lar.... look at my state man. haaaaaa)

How does it occur?

Vasomotor rhinitis is caused by tissue in the nose that is sensitive to changes in environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, and the presence of irritants. Examples of irritants are smoke, dryness, smog, and perfume. In response to these conditions or irritants, the nose makes more mucous. ( i think its my sensitive nose that has made me such a sensitive person. that's the only good thing that i can make out of it.)

What are the symptoms?

The common symptom is a runny nose. Unlike allergic rhinitis, there is usually no itching or sneezing. You may have slight nasal congestion. (SLIGHT MY ASS MAN!!!!)

How is it diagnosed?

There is no specific test for the diagnosis of vasomotor rhinitis. Your health care provider reviews your medical and family history. The diagnosis is suspected from your history and when other possible causes of symptoms have been eliminated.
Your health care provider may swab the lining of your nose to obtain a sample of mucus. The mucus will be examined for the presence of allergy cells (eosinophils). These cells are rarely present in people who have vasomotor rhinitis. However, they are not always present in people whose rhinitis is caused by allergies, so the test is not always helpful. (wah. thanks man. damn helpful)

How is it treated?

If treatment is necessary, nasal steroid or ipratropium sprays are usually effective. Use the spray according to the directions to prevent symptoms. (which means i gotta stick things up my nose so that i can feel better for awhile?!?! help me... i need help....)

How long will the effects last?

The condition is usually lifelong. (ok... now this sentence somehow feels like it sucks big time to me) However, you may reduce the symptoms by avoiding the irritants in your environment that seem to cause problems for you.

What can be done to help prevent vasomotor rhinitis?

There is no known prevention. ( at least i know that i did not dint do anything to get this shit)

i think my nose beats any expressway along singapore as the most congested passage at anytime of the day man. no fight. anyone facing the same problem?? let me know and let us suffer together. haha.

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