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Monday, October 10, 2005
something i wanna do
if there's one thing that i wanna see all over again. i really really wanna see what i wrote for my O levels english composition, the letter writing.. the comprehension, and the oral... how the hell did i secure that kind of result for my english?!!? that was weird. the other subjects were understandable cos i did put in a certain level of studying for them. but english?!

i was from a totally chinese speaking family. in primary 1, the english i knew cudden even form a sentence. i spoke in broken english. but i was put into a english environment. St Mike's was filled with boys who were brought up in english speaking family.. they watched chn 5 at home. listened to class95 in their parents car to sch..

i watched chn 8 drama serials, and liang popo every monday. walked to school with my late grandpa hand in hand. (sch wasn't that far of cos.) lunch was simple porridge with canned food at my grandpa's grocery shop, where all his customers either spoke dialect or chinese. still no contact with english.

there was this other chap. he used to top the class in english. but i held out my own. i topped the class in chinese. haha! this continued till primary 3. my godma tutored me english. forced me to read all the enid blyton books and also the newspaper. that was when i started reading the newpaper. one weird avenue that i got some help in english was actually soccer. my love for soccer was so immense that i read up alot. On the players, on the history of the game, on the different countries.

my english really struggled in primary 1. but it slowly picked up.. bit by bit. was not until secondary 3 that i was more or less comfortable with the language... be it speaking or writing. until the extend that i think in english nowadays. and if you think in that particular language, of cos u're be more inclined to speak it better. my sec 4 chinese teacher always scolded me for my lack of diligence in the subject. saying that i never worked on my strong foundation. said that i 'finished eating my old rice' in chinese. haha! work it out urself.

and now, my chinese is suffering really badly. i would love to work on it now. chinese papers are proving to be a chore!! 10mins for an article. i have to slowly scan all the words and work out what they mean. geezz. i can't even bring myself to join superhost! hahaha! chinese cannot leh.


sidetrack abit. a story to tell

a dog and a cat were very good friends. the cat left the dog. and the dog became very sad. the cat left for quite a long time. disappearing. poof! so the dog was feeling sad for a long time. but as time passes. the sad feeling was kinda imbued into the dog. it was normal for him already. he lived with it. however. the dog met the cat at the jungle gathering. they dint talk. the dog felt worst. they met at another gathering. the cat invited alot of ppl to its house. and dog went along. they nv really talk agn. but even if they did. it was kinda superficial. so the dog left the house and felt sad agn.

in the meantime, the cat also made good friends with a fox.

some days later, the cat came back to the dog. of cos the dog was elated. things were going back to normal. however. this is the weird part. the dog feel sad agn. even though he gets to talk to the cat. and also the fox is bullying the cat. pulling off all the cunning stunts that foxes are capable of. which made the cat sad. which in relation, made the dog damn sad also. but the problem is that the cat is not angry with the fox. hah!

of cos we all know that foxes and dogs are not the best of friends...

nowadays the dog also feeling sad. cos the dog's mind drifts off to think abt the cat.

so was the dog better off not thinking abt the cat? why is the dog sad even when the cat came back? the dog seems to be lost in emotion. can control the mind to not think?

and if he could, the dog would bite off the foxes's legs.

how?? how about the story?? are you lost?? there's only 3 characters involved. not so easy to be lost ya? what if you are the dog?

posted by bobby @ 11:20 PM  
  • At 1:41 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    i am pretty lost with the dog and cat story frankly speaking.

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