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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
after a one month lay of... my 'fans' seems to have decided to lay themselves off!! where are the people who came after me and SCREAM ''eh why you never blog already??'' or ''post somemore post leh!!!''

now that i'm back, you guys had better show yourselves!!!! monkeys!

i've been spending quite alot of time surfing. Wikipedia rawks!! check it out ya? you might find alot of knowledge you never had. or things you never know. i'm like facing an information overload situation here. i spent hours and hours reading everything about everything... but in the end i forget most of the things about everything. hence at least i was knowledgable for that while. hmmm... it felt good while it lasted.

life is at this stagnant point at a moment. i've reverted to my old lifestyle... as of primary school. except that school have been replaced by work. take a look.

school ----->> home ----->> eat ----->> play playstation ------>> watch tv ----->> sleep

work ---->> home ----->> eat ------>> play playstation 2 ------>> watch tv ----->> sleep

well nothing too different except that my playstation have been upgraded to playstation 2..

would you live a life like tat? my frens making ability is going down the drain. and i seem to be losing friends at an alarming rate.

but now i know someone who's actually born on exactly the same day as me.. now how many of you have the distinction of telling me that you too know someone born exactly on the same day? i was never a believer of the star signs or zodiac signs or whatever of that sort. but now i am more inclined towards it. just an exchange of a few minutes of conversation over the internet made me discover some starking similarities in characteristic. interesting.

well... i'm just glad i met someone new.. okay... we dint meet.. but you know what i mean......
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