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Monday, May 30, 2005
shouldn't have posted the 'are you lonesome' entry. it might have been a curse. i was fucking lonesome for the weekend. made me realised how little friends i have! stayed at home since friday till now. monday morning. dint even step out. haven had a weekend like this for a year. K is in Korea while C when to some weird province in China. everywhere but Singapore.

Time for bed. jus wanted to drop by to update. i'm was so bored that i couldn't even be bother to log on to update this pathetic place. darn.... just aint feeling good. let's hope that this monday and tuesday will be good. COME ON!!! anyone reading this can u help make it good??

Great Singapore Sale is on now.... check out the website. i need to get some shopping done with whatever that's left in my much depleted bank account. i'm jus too much a shopper for a guy... why make me such a shopper!?!?!?! damn pu bor....
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  • At 9:12 AM, Anonymous Myron Tay said…

    What does Pu Bor mean? I stumbled upon here trying to find the origins of the word. =.= do enlighten~

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