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Tuesday, May 31, 2005
Resentment of a NS Man
National Service or NS as they call it to be. Every guy has to go through it no matter what. It is what is supposed to make a man out of all the Singaporean teenagers. But does it really serve it's purpose?

Many people that i know off or even those that i do not know off, take it as a pure waste of time. But of cos we have to look at the bigger picture of having a group of singaporean that will protect the nation in times of war and what not. But are this group of people even able to do it? The fact that they do not even take their daily work seriously. To some if has jus become a daily routine. Doing the same thing over and over again everyday for 2 years or more depending on the training period.

Are singaporean men not mature enough to understand the importance of protecting the country and serving the country with pride? Or is the Government not doing enough to inculcate the values and the importance of being patriotic towards the country of your birth, the country whom provided you a place to stay in and water to drink and food to eat. You might think, do you expect everything to be spoon fed to you by the government? Can you think for yourself?

YES. think for ourselves we all do. In fact, its because we think for ourselves that this situation has arise. In such a bloody competitive society, it is the survival of the fittest. There's so many things to think about. money, job, family, friends, bills, your wants, your needs.... and where does the word 'country' come into the picture? YES, we've been living in a time of peace and now we're all taking it for granted. Where we expect everything to come to us nice and pure. Must we really taste hardship and bullshit before we all learn the lesson that life is really already damn good for us? Still, nobody puts anything close to the word 'country' in their list. closest being 'holiday' and choosing which country to go to next.

Let's look at China. They've got an abundance of people willing to serve the country. Why so? What is the distinction between a country like China and us? The major difference might just be that they have the word 'country' in their list. And along with the word country, comes also what tops their list. 'Money'

Another thing that deters NS men from wanting to get serious. Money. Well, this statement might make older generation of NS men come after my neck, but comparatively to the economy nowadays, it's still equally peanuts of a paycheck.... You can actually tell of the culture within the NS society when terms like SAF ( serve and f***off) or bo chao geng bo chut peng (nv fake nv get out of army) are coined and become favourite lingos amongst all.

Among my time in training, i've made many good buddies who will remain my good buddies for the many years to come. and the memories are also priceless. but that remains sadly as the only very few good points that i can actually think of at all. No mood to carry on. bah...

Well, if you want to serve the nation and you wan money... sign on. go ahead. =) you'll be serving the nation and having good money.
posted by bobby @ 1:45 PM  
  • At 5:34 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    ur entry remind me of ah kua pia (girly army boy).......haha i dunno why maybe my brain is kinda odd today.

  • At 7:03 PM, Blogger hannah said…

    actually if you ask me..i think we dont really need people to protect singapore..becuase we are so damn tiny that one bomb will sink our where got time to protect..i think our soldiers are used to establish good ties with other countries...not to protect singapore..=)

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