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Wednesday, June 08, 2005
alo. been awhile. busy at work. and i mean busy. for those of you ignorant bastards who thinks that i'm having a good life in the office... i'm gonna take those thoughts of yours, mould them into a big bundle of satay sticks... and shove it up ur arse. and you're welcome.

first, it was the innovention at science center, followed by the Singapore Qualities Award assesment of the Ministry. pretty hectic. Couple with the usual range of work i've gotta do. Surviving this ordeal is no mean feat.

but met with a pretty interesting weekend in fact. ernie's birthday at his place. was pretty much a birthday if u get wat i mean. and after that we decided to head down to holland v to get more excitement and hoping for some soccer action '40' over live soccer matches according to pravin. but in the end did not manage to catch any. topic of the night was mamas and gays. well, u might think that this has no link at all. but after pravin mentioned the fact that he wanted more gay frens, we couldn't help but think of hairy beared big sized mamas acting feminine... wtf.

but it was fucking fun cos of the crowd. we have been deprived of this sort of gathering for more then a year. fushman was away in arizone, and mark away in perth. now that both of them are back, the WHOLE GANG got together. we could have terrorized any pub we visited. but we decided to jus be fun loving and not do anything else other then laughing and cursing at each other. even salim the recently MIAed personnel was present.

and it seems that the recent resession is really quite bad. my frens have been resorting to working as flyers distributors or despatch drivers. well, a job is a job after all. anything but irritating financial planners. they're all pretty as hell... and quite a fair amount of them eloquent. but..... damn irritating. with jus one purposely in mind. all previous courteousy campaigns goes to waste once you tell them the third time that you don't want to get any plans from them. they show you the face, throw very subtle insults and you... and sometimes even take back the sweets they offer to you.

another fun think to do down orchard road. you guys think that its damn irritating to have people coming up to you to do survey rite? or asking for donations? NO!! its not..... it's gonna be fun...

person walks up to you -- usual reaction = errr sorry. no money lar...

maybe you can try a few other reactions......

person walks up to you -- reaction 1 = turn your head. screams 'AHHH!!' not too long... jus enough to potray the shock reaction.

the approacher will be also shocked for a couple of seconds wondering what jus happened. this gives u the perfect buffer time to make the escape.

person walks up to you - reaction 2 = stare at the person in the eye, go DAMN near the face. literally staring eyeball to eyeball.

the approacher will be backing off as you're going so near... as he/she is backing off... turn and head for the escape.

person walks up to you - reaction 3 = talk in some african language, or start jibbering while making hand signs like cutting the throat or strangling a person.

the approacher shud be smart enuff to move off.

person walks up to you - reaction 4 = start laughing n tell the person his/her fly is undone.

the approacher will turn away to try to check his/her zip. Escape now.

person walks up to you - reaction 5 = for donations, take out ur wallet and prepare to donate. but den suddenly u realise u got no money at all. and show the person ur wallet. (of cos some preparations have to be made to empty ur wallet or unless u're really that freaking poor)

the approacher will say thank you and walk away.

person walks up to you - reaction 6 = smile and listen attentively.

the approacher will try his or her best to psycho u. and u'll be wasting ur time standing there.

and quote of the day

Life, loathe it or ignore it, you can't like it. -- Marvin

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  • At 9:52 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    I guess orhard road hasnt changed much. Sickening. Why dont they go to the detached houses to ask for the fuckin donations which is something i dont understand.

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