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Thursday, September 01, 2005
Embarrassing Charts
so, i'm sure everyone had their most embarrassing moments. this is one of the favourite questions during interviews, or just a chat among friends. many of you might think that i'm a damn cool person. and non of those sort of embarrassing things happened to me before. but i'm gonna be truthful and list down one whole chunk of embarrassing things that happened before.

  • walked into a cinema and sat down on a seat. awhile later, a person came up to me and told me i'm on the wrong seat. embarrassing factor EF 4/10

  • i was in primary school and my teacher pointed out that i sang out of tune in class. EF 3.5/10

  • got into a cab and upon reaching the destination realising that i forgot to bring cash out. EF 7/10

  • walked out of the lift on the wrong floor, and having to walk back into the lift with many others inside. EF 5/10

  • on the topic of lifts, farting in the lift too. but it won't be if you can disguise urself well. EF 4/10

  • walking down the street, i saw a long lost friend, and started to waved madly at him, but nearer to the person. i realised its the wrong person. EF 8.5/10

  • was checking myself out in the mirror outside the office and suddenly my boss walks pass and sees me. EF 7.75/10

  • booking tickets for a movie. and realised when collecting the tickets that you've actually booked the tickets for the next week. no shit. this happened. EF 9.12/10

  • owns Aqua, SpiceGirls, alot of other boyband's CDs. EF 2.4/10

of cos there are many that i left out. cannot really remember them at the moment. But there's a potential banana skin this coming weekend. i might have another to add to the list. but of cos i hope nothing embarrassing will happen.

can someone save me? i can't bring myself to blog freely nowadays. my brain seems bogged down. there is melancholy in the spirit and sadness in the soul. i'm like bloggin in darkness. that's how i perceive it to be. dang... i need some alchohol....

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