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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
nothing in particular
how many of us never watched tv when we were y0ung? dun say old people lar. jus people around my age. the 20++ people. what did we watch when we were young?

no need to say lar. cartoons. but another thing. tv wasn't like wat it was now. it wasn't 24hrs. there was no SCV available... it was only SBC 5 and SBC 8. haha.. and they only started at 3pm on weekdays i think... hope my memory dint fail me. and if u're lucky, ur house might be able to receive some other channels from our neighbouring countries. TV1, TV2 and TV3.

wonder how we survived man. but we did. and boy were the shows marvellous. of cos i paid more attention to the cartoons. smurfs. he-man. carebears, thundercats, mighty mouse and the list goes on and on... and abit later on, the 'cool' cartoons came on... like x-men, spiderman and maybe captain planet (not so cool mar) most of them had a similar theme, be the nice guy, do good things. evil will lose to good. nothing too complicating. it all had a moral to it. haha. especially captain planet. ahaha..

but the new cartoons nowadays. OMG! its crazy what it's teaching the children. haha. beating the shit out of each other.... kids having all the gadgets. alll the toys and everything. killing monsters.... its mad. looks like my entry is going no where. suddenly seems like no direction. tmd.

so i guess i'll jus ramble. environment here now not condusive to blog. but i'm doing this for little miss blur, who is part of the cartoon little miss blur meets mr arrogant. coming to a internet server near you. little miss blur is struggling to study and be productive. aiya. go airport study lar. just tat tis time i cannot accompany you there le lar. anybody has any nice place to study to recommend? but little miss blur..................

oh ya. before i forget. there's gonna be a terrorist exercise going this month. no joke. peak hour mrt station. they gonna simulate bomb blast. to see if singaporean are prepared enough for it. so in case u kena. dun feel TOO scared k. but jus be prepared. i dunno how den is considered prepared lar.... m i prepared? its a damn stupid question can!

so what do you do if u're prepared for it? lemme see... stay vigilant always to look out for suspicious characters? as much as i know its important. but HOW?!?! peak hour leh. got so many people walking around. and all of them got that kind of look on their face one lor. the damn sian going to work look. or the 'damn i'm late for work' look. terrorist would have more of the 'damn i'm late for work' look. cos they will look more kancheong. they will be thinking ''i'm gonna die later when i detonate the bomb man.. and everyone's gonna die with me'' quite similar to the guy going to work ''i'm gonna die later when i reach office man.... and everyone's gonna laugh at me''

and you yourself might be thinking of what to eat for lunch.. what excuse to give the boss cos i dint meet the deadline, or who m i gonna call out for dinner tonight. and many many things lar. jus wun be thinking about who else in the same cabin is a bloody terrorist.

another way of being prepared.... ''being ready to pounce on suspected terrorist'' if that guy's a terrorist... you pounce on him. scary man. wat if he managed to detonate the bomb? hahaha. u die with him also lar..... but what if he not terrorist? den u must get ready to do either things... 1) if lucky train door is open. u chiong out ahhhh!! 2) apologize profusely.. keep saying sorry. and say that he was giving out this aura that really attracted you and you can't stop wanting him. (might sound abit gayish but its gonna save ur ass) if both dun work. den curse urself for being vigilant.

more on this issue soon. gonna send out like 10.000 letters to different households across singapore to do this survey on ''preparedness of terrorist attack'' something like tat. so any of you might receive it. but do properly hor.... i help to prepare the survey one also... haha..

jus managed to get jay's album. it's marvellous. those that haven heard any of it. go hear it. you know what to do. who's the best mp3 player you know of? hahhaahaa.... it did not disappoint at all even though i was expecting high standards from him. and high standard was wat i go..

more dota.... dota is giving me stiff neck and achy shoulders. but its damn fun. damn shoik. serious. dun think i'm good yet. but i'm jus playing for fun lar. heehee... first was Bomberman!! tat was the best ever. played with alot of japanese... but stopped playing when they restricted the game to only japanese servers. selfish cocks as always they all. arrrghhh... next was gunbound. hahaha... little miss blur!! gunbound! shoik man. i keep beating u. wahaahhaa u got beat me sometimes also lar. but somehow or rather the game faded off.... and then i went NS liao. no more game playing besides my ps2. but now got dota. which stands for Defense of the Ancient. more dota.... grow more fat..... become a dork.... wahhhhhhh...

get me out more often please............................................................

off to the showers. niam niam body. hot night.

there u go little miss blur.... =)
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