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Sunday, February 12, 2006
Guide to Mustafa Center

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Opening Hours

24 Hours 7 days a Week. Yea! It doesn't close. Works just like 7-11.

Getting There
Nearest MRT station is Farrer Park.

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Security Check Point
Once you reached the entrance of the shopping center, you'll be faced with more than a couple of security staffs. Some can be friendly while some can jus be awfully rude. You'll be asked to check in your bag with them. They will take care of your bag while you're shopping. You'll then hold on to a tag indicating the number where your bag is. But they'll allow you to bring your bag in too. However, they zip it up with fasteners... then you can't take anything out of your bag also. hmmm... (damn dunno what to say about this system... weird man!! it's like so secure, but not secure also...)

Crowd traffic is very very high over there at Mustafas'. It's very hard to actually move around the place especially at the ground level near the main entrance. The corridor is not exactly the widest of all corridors and it's very hard to cut in front of another person to move along in front. So you'll find yourself moving along slowly down the corridor. (i was damn angry lar. many times those fat fellas walk in front of me. block the whole lane.. i wan to cut by left or right also cannot. sometimes got space to cut.. i try to make my move. but the other side got incoming traffic. i gotta jam break somemore. super sianz.)

Another aspect of patience is the long queue, which is not a surprise. There are many counters around but not all of them are opened. The counter staffs aren't really that well trained as they are rather slowly in checking in your purchase and getting done with the whole process, which is another main reason for the queue. (and machiam you owe them money one... damn not friendly can. the face so angry... machiam never sleep like that.)

Know what you want
As I've mentioned above, staffs are not very well trained. Hence, knowing what you want is very important. They might not even know where to find what products. Neither would they offer to help you check. Most of the time, an ''I don't know'' is the most you'll get out of them. Especially for electronic products, do your research before heading down to buy it. As it's really hard to get information there. (they everything also dunno one.. dun bother ask them which oven better, or which tv resolution better, i just wanted to get an adapter for use in europe, he dint even know what i was talking about)

No Bargaining. (shopping center lar.... you wan to bargain what??)

Perfume : Bring your friends along
This must be the place where you can find the most perfumes, cologne, body spray and anything else that gives out smell. Amazing is that there's sample for all that you can find. Beats SASA (issit SASA?) and other departmental stores hands down. The best part is that there's no irritating salesman or saleswoman around you to look at you or stress you out. So you can just try out anything you want. Bring your friends along as you'll find yourself with nowhere else to spray on yourself.. So your friends can lend you their hands or neck or ears or wherever you need to test the perfume you want. Oh, and it's cheaper at Mustafa. (if you feeling bo liao can play spray perfume at each other face... tried before. quite fun. ahaha!)

Check for Expiry Date
Rumours that there have been some expired goods found on the shelves of Mustafa. Hence better to be safe then sorry. Just make a check before you buy. (u nv check den eat liao lao sai dun come and find me ahh)

The assortments of snacks are wonderful. Anything from Ferrera Rocher to old school Gold Coins Wrapped Chocolate. Lays potato chips to Double Decker crackers. Very wide variety. But as I've mentioned, just remember to check the expiry date.

Very few toilets around. Very irritating. From what i know. there's only 1 guys toilet at the perfume section. And 1 girls toilet in b1 at the men's department beside the underwear section. Hmmmm... Shouldn't they change the toilet? Like shift the girls toilet to the perfume section? And the guys toilet to the underwear section? Aint it more appropriate? (i dunno why but always go there.. i always need to use toilet one. and the male toilet is forever in washing mode. And i dunno go where already! they need more toilet there lor confirm!!)

Those guys that soiled their underwear while doing business can just take the new ones. And girls who are worried that their business might make them smell bad can just use the perfume samples. Best of both worlds. Unless of course the management is worried that the guys' business might be so bad they need all the perfume around to cover it up.

Guys Clothing
One of my favouritest place to get pants. Sometimes can find some nice shirts too. But you'll never know there can be so many different colours for guys pants until you see this place. Once spent 3hrs dwindling there, just trying out everything i want. Similar to the perfume section. The salesman wouldn't really care about you.

Please avoid going on weekends evenings. The earliest you should go on a Saturday night should be 11pm. It's gonna be horrible if you make your way there on weekends evenings. It'll be like Chinese New Year Chinatown.

It's a shopping experience you must not miss. Try shopping there at 2am in the morning. You'll feel very different. This place is so huge and you'll be amazed by all the things they have. They even have a website. Click here and be further amazed by their wide array of services.

I can be engaged as a guide to the place. No problem. =) So see you at Mustafa!

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