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Monday, March 27, 2006
Meteor Garden
Spent my sunday watching meteor garden, both the new japanese version, and the old taiwan version part 1. watched only 2 episodes of the jap version so far. it's far less draggy compared to the taiwan version. and it's much more quirky. i aint gonna say much here to spoil things in case i might be lending u the dvd. but lps choped it already. so everyone else would have to wait. below is the cast of the jap version.

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from left to right : san cai (obviously as she's the only ger), dao ming si, hua ze lei, si men, and finally mei zhuo.

so as u can see, compared to the original taiwanese F4, the jap guys would take abit of getting used to. they are not as dashing and might not be the tallest guys walking around japan. but at least they are very natural acting as compared to the taiwanese. and the japanese san cai is super CUTE. she might just edge barbie hsu over for the best san cai award.

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the taiwanese cast

for all of u weirdoes out there who haven watched this show, it's a must watch, especially for those of us aged between 18 - 25. this is a show made and tailored for those in our age group. the interwining relationship problems. the way girlfriends treat boyfriends. why people shout at each other. why must there be some losers out there who always can't get what they want. well, the storyline might be exaggerated in a few ways but take it lightheartedly and you might actually see the similarities between them, and yourself. but there might be a small problem. it's almost impossible to get this show (taiwan version part 1) off the shelves now, but the jap version might be easier although last i heard it was out of stocks at toa payoh.

go catch this show, it's not one of those typical boring love series i promise you.

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