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Wednesday, March 01, 2006
Cheat and Dive?
The mega ulcer coupled with this cough of mine was too much for me. And my body was emitting heat that even fireman would not hav been able to withstand. So i decided to make a trip down to see the doctor. Went down to Tan Tock Seng Hospital's Clinic. 3 more months before i ORD. hence i gotta really make full use of the benefits that NSFs gets. One of which is free consultation of government doctors.

Reached the Clinic at 8.20am. It opened at 8.00am. and I'm number 6. Had to reach early. There was once i waited and waited and just decided to leave. I was number 475639 and it was still number 10 or 12 at that time. That was a bad experience.

There was 1 fella seeing doctor inside. 4 of us were outside. 2 of them were also NSFs. One was wearing the army shirt and the other was wearing the police polo tee. They looked damn damn sick. One was half slumped on the chair coughing his head off. The other looked like he haven slept for one week. Whole face was green colour.

I was thinking i don't look even half as sick as them.... how like that? later i cannot get the mc how? They are so sick. Set the standard so high. Wahhh.. Soon it was my turn. So i went in and came out with a day mc. Good. So i can really sleep at home and hope everything is better after taking the medicine and all.

So i waited for my prescription before heading down to the pharmacy to collect my medicine. When i reached the pharmacy. There was no sign of those 2 NSFs. hmmm. i was thinking maybe they left after collecting their medicine. hmmmmm.. but there are 2 other people still waiting for their medicine there who saw the doctor before them!! they just came to get the mc? and did not even want their medicine? wat the fiak!! its people like them that really spoil the market.

They are the cocks that make people think that NSFs take mc means is fake one. And they were looking so sick. Professional sick lookers man they all. Even i was convinced. hell man. Cheats!! Cheaters.... arrrgghhh.

The wait for the med was long. Around 20mins. longer then waiting to see doctor. Went home took the medicine and slept for very long..

I woke up to the noise of soccer playing kids and their coach downstairs. They were having a competitive match. I could see them from my house as the field is just downstairs. Those primary school kids were not very good. There were glimpse of kampung soccer as hordes of them ran towards the ball at the same time. But there was a couple of times that caught my attention.

The boy was thru on goal one on one with the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper rushed out to kick the ball away. WITHOUT touching the attacker. but he FELL flat onto the ground grapping his knee in agony. WAT???????? So nowadays even primary school kids are diving?? wat are their coaches teaching them? this is a very very wrong thing for such a young kid to do. It's bad enough to see professionals do it but now these young kids who are gonna be the future of the game? Rubbish man. They are totally spoiling the beautiful game. Sigh.

posted by bobby @ 7:58 PM  
  • At 11:05 PM, Blogger insanityiscreativity said…

    are u that sick that u needed to go to a hospital instead of a neighbourhood clinic.
    I wonder why most ns men go to tan tock seng

  • At 12:47 AM, Blogger bobby said…

    tan tock seng free mar. clinic must pay. and tan tock seng is nearer to my house den any other polyclinics. and i went to the internal clinic within tan tock seng, not the A&E itself.

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