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Monday, February 20, 2006
My Birthday Cake
On my way home from work, i walked pass a cake shop. Suddenly i stopped and looked at them. I stepped in and bought a slice of blackforest cake. It looked tasty. I asked the shop assistant for 2 big candles and 2 small candles. She gave me a strange look as if i asked for too many candles for a small slice of cake. I ignored her look. Paid the money and walked away.

Reached home and had dinner. I did not take alot today, as i know i had a slice of cake for desert. I went back to my room. Took out my little slice of birthday cake by myself, put the 4 candles on it, and litted them. I switched off the lights for the added effect. I sang myself a little birthday song and made myself a little birthday wish. And i finally had my own birthday cake. =) Happy Birthday Bobby

p/s - happy 20th birthday to my dearest bro. hope ur birthday is much better then mine. it has to be... u're in the vatican city. haa...
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