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Saturday, August 12, 2006
Happy A Day
its an unexpected turn of events. went to work in the morning expecting to finish up work and come home to slack the friday night away just like any other day. some hiccups happened during work so that we could not continue for awhile. so the few of us starting talking cock. and suddenly someone started asking people to go ktv as she had the cravings. and i was like omg... i had the exact same feeling just last night. i was having the cravings too and was just singing song alone to myself in front of the computer. haha!

and at the end of the day. we managed to get 5 of us. and again i was the only guy around. the ratio of guy : ger in this line is just abit unbalanced. and i'm glad to be able to make use of my so called ''talent'' to work in this line too. today was really the first day that i really mixed around with my colleagues after 2 weeks of work. but sadly a whole bunch of them was doing their last day yesterday as their project is over.

but out of the 5 ktv-ers, 4 will still be around. so it was quite a good 'getting to know each other much better' session. just say that i had lots of fun. the bus trip down, ktv-ing itself, and the long walk to the mrt station after that. no pictures now. booo.

there's another issue i want to talk about. makes me happy and sad at the same time. but nevermind lar. those people that i've been talking to should know wat i'm talking about. hee.

bobby pua : ''relax, i will bring joy to your life''

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