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Wednesday, October 11, 2006
On the Brighter Side of the Haze
Eh, the haze is not so bad, whaaat. Here are some upsides to our neighbour’s polluting fumes:

1. Students can blame their poor exam results on physical ailments caused by the haze.

2. Singapore smokers can feel less lonely, as the whole island is now exposed to lung cancer together with them.

3. The haze provides a great reason to stay indoors and play Xbox instead of going jogging or mowing the grass or donno what other sian chore.

4. Our medical sector will see increased revenues due to the rise in MCs.

5. The haze can reduce gang violence, as now when a samseng asks you, “Kuah si mi?”, you can respond coolly, “Kuah haze lor.”

6. The haze can provide an opportunity to try out new pickup lines, e.g. “Your beauty shone at me through the haze.”

7. The haze provides a great smokescreen for other bilateral issues.

8. It provides the best explanation for why Singaporeans are so “blur”.

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