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Monday, February 26, 2007
To the Top
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what's the link in all these different people? they've all made it to the top, to be the best, to dominate the world. they all worked hard to be where they are. achieving the pinnacle. its their determination to never give up, to push on when you're already at the top. great champions in each of their own field.

but how many people can do that? only the few. so what can we do about it? google for their pictures, put them together then blog about them and whine? well, that's one thing you can do. but another way is to let them inspire you....

so by looking at photos of grown men looking happy and celebrating will inspire me? that's not what i mean ok. if that's how you see it, then that's something to worry about. i'm talking abt their achievement ok dude?

and you might ask me how come got no woman? i'm not being a sexist and i'm also not saying that the female species are not good sports people. i got hammered pretty badly at badminton by a certain miss tham before so i odd to know that better then anyone else. it's just that i look up more to these guys. easier to relate to if you get what i mean.

and these successful men all exude a certain manner of charm. so there's a shine about them. you dun have to be good looking to be successful. but you can be successful to be good looking. once you're successful.. the aura somehow surrounds you and just makes everything better.

not so inspiring statement by not so inspired me. so sorry, think you just wasted about 2 - 3 mins (depending on how fast reader you are) of your life reading my post. but i can't give you back your time. seriously. i would give it back if i could. but i can't.

imagine if i really could give people back their time. it would really be weird. all sorts of people would be coming to look for me. and turning that ability into a business would be quite cool and challenging. so the service i can offer to people is that i can send them back into any given time frame that they want. i think the police would be looking for me. it will create havoc in the balance of life! (*balance balance* winkz)

i can imagine that singapore pools will go bankrupt. everyone will go back in time to buy 4D. and next.. is the issue of me. let's say i send them back in time after they paid me for the service.. what if they go back in time and kill me. so i would not have survived until the point in time that the person paid me... history would be changed. that would be quite a pissing problem. what if someone killed hitler before he became powerful? what if someone stopped the americans from dropping the 2 bombs in japan? the whole world will be different. and the effects might be huge!! i might not even be borned! omg! so i caused myself to be erased from the face of this world? that's damn stupid la.

so i have to say that time travelling is priceless. so i should retract my statement. i would not give you back your time even if i could. the consequences is tremendous. cannot cannot. so if i could i will be the only one travelling through time to right all my wrongs.

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