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Wednesday, February 21, 2007
Chinese New Year and Happy Birthday!
Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year to Everyone!

It's been a very tiring build up to the new year. was trying to pack and all cleaning up the house, wiping the ceiling and pipes in weird position. making sure that my mom doesn't need to do as much this year hence i was trying to take over with everything. ended up making myself damn tired!!!!! but it felt good doing something as a son.

did the customary chinatown squeeze on new years eve night. we might be getting old. 2 streets were the most we could take before we gave up squeezing. everything got too hot and sweaty to handle. and after 12am there were fireworks! i was just at the street opposite hence got quite a good view of it and it was really loud. but it was nothing impressive. looked like little farts. not very impressive. proceeded to play 1 round of mahjong after that. broke even. no win no lose.

1st day of new year was just going around everywhere to bai nian. got dug out of bed damn early and after sleeping at about 4+ after the mahjong previous night.. this was no joke man. but managed to make myself energetic enough to go entertain all my relatives. wasn't so nightmarish though the question of 'do you have a girlfriend?' popped out. i jus whispered no and exclaimed that another of my cousin have a girlfriend. so everyone's attention went over to him instead. ahahaha. sorry dude.

so i went home to finally have a good sleep. phew.. end of day 1.

day 2! relatives' turn to come over to my place! so pretty much the same. and waited for celia and all to come over. talked some cock, watched some television, waited for a couple of cocksters, and off we went to ros' birthday. it was damn powerful. a suite at marina mandarin!

a point to note was that it was the first year that ben and gene both wore long sleeve shirt at the same time. so.. i actually wanted to jus wear a tshirt, but decided to grab a long sleeve shirt too. since everyone wear so nice.. i think i cannot malu also. somemore go high class place. wear high class abit.

never been up so high at that area before. the scenery out of the balcony was pretty nice. so we talked much more cock and watch somemore television.... and after singing a very nice rendition of the happy birthday song... we proceeded to celia's place.

Mulan, Pooh's Heefalump, Da Vinci Code, She's the Man, In Her Shoes and 2 rounds of mahjong.

this was what happened at celia's place. haha. most left after Da Vinci Code. Tiger knocked out after She's the Man and the remaining survivors were Celia and me... phew.. super powerful marathon. and losing $2 at mahjong i pranced out to grab a cab back home. tired!! so now i'm damn tired!!! byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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