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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Singapore Football
Congrats to the Lions.

So 55,000 fans turned up for the game against M'sia and Thailand. That is a marvellous achievement considering the fact that attendance at the National Stadium have never reached 50,000 even since we left the M'sia Cup/League except during National Days, but thats a different story altogether.

But i feel that some these fans are still some way from being known as supporters. They go down to the stadium on match days expecting a good game of football. and after being fed with the fast and furious pace of the English Premier League. now they are watching the ASEAN Cup. of cos there will be a gulf of difference. just look at how much the players are earning? The average joe in the premier league will probably earn more in a week then wat Indra earns in a month.

Supporting the Lions.. in my humble opinion.. i feel that it's not just being in the stadium. but it's cheering them on, making noise and intimidating the opponents. you know, it's like since u're already there at the stadium.. why not do something even more worthwhile. and not just sit there crossing ur leg and watching the match go by...

no mood to write liao. byebye.
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