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Tuesday, February 06, 2007
Being Unknown
In these days of the internet being so widely used... and how the internet is being used, there are bound to be some sort of changes to the social aspect of each person's life.

where the only way we could get any form of entertainment or media were thru the television or the radio and also newspaper and all of them being mainstream. only the selected few got to appear on television. and even fewer on the radio. these people were the celebrities.

these celebrities were famous because they were seen or heard. however... anybody can be seen or heard nowadays if you want to. those fellas like mrbrown and xiaxue. mrbrown wrote a column for a newspaper for awhile. xiaxue even have got a television show. and they managed that because of the internet. they made themselves heard. made themselves known.

and also a certain girl known as miss izzy. for being a singaporean and showing her supposed mammaries on her blog. she obtained certain degree of being famous for a period of time. and of cos how can i forget the singapore sensation that made everyone stand up.. tammy and her boyfren for their not so professionally done pornographic video.

so they have all cemented their place in the singaporean internet hall of fame. how about the rest of us not aiming for such high acclaim? how about those of us who wanna be unknown. i'm telling you now that in this age.. that will be quite a challenge.

look at websites like friendster, myspace, and dozen over more imitations for linking ur friends. how many of us do NOT have accounts at any of these? how about photo sharing? flickr, myphotoalbum and even more others... our faces and details are all over the place for anybody to see around the whole globe. there are other things like blogs, email addresses and forums.

just go to ur google or yahoo page now.. type ur name or ur email or ur user names then search. see if anything appears. surprised? don't be. this is happening. if just anybody can search. imagine wat professional hackers can do.

with so many people joining all these superstarque kinda competitions, so many people harbours the dream of being famous. they want to be known.. however, it might nt last for long. maybe 10 years down the road. being unknown will be the new famous. everybody trying to find out who a certain someone is.. it is gonna create such a mystery and hype that will be the equivalent of being famous now. with everyone so used to have all sort of information at rheir fingertips.. that kind of mystery is gonna be something nobody felt before.

so go delete ur frenster, ur blog, remove all ur photos from the internet.....
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