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Thursday, March 01, 2007
the days / the nights
the nights spent studying and staying over night in school

the days and nights spent studying at the old world trade center either in macdonalds or the stone tables outside.

the nights after studying spent slapping each other's face.

the days in school waiting for each other's class to finish to eat lunch.

the nights spent in school waiting for people together.

the days spent together in jurong point.

the day we went to JEC to buy a couple of hamsters together

the day we spent the whole day trying to search for prom dress

the day we went to the uni to send in the application at the last minute.

the nights spent playing gunbound together.

the nights spent playing bejewelled together.

the hours spent waiting at lakeside mrt.

the hours spent waiting below the center.

the hours spent waiting below the block.

the day we went cycling at east coast.

the day we went cycling at west coast, but found no bicycle.

the day we went kayaking at east coast, but was too late.

the nights at the private study room in the old campus.

the food brought over from newton to the private study room.

the night staying over at the private study room to complete presentation.

the day we sawed and chopped wood to complete the wooden project which still sits proudly in my house.

the day we spent making the christmas cards for our friends.

the days we would wake up very early every morning for the whole week so that you can come and exercise with me.

the day we went to jurong stadium but there was no track so we ended up eating kfc instead of jogging.

the night we walked from the old campus all the way to clementi

the many cartoons we watched together.

the lord of the rings trilogy we watched together.

the many other shows we watched together.

the jap food that we ate together.

the many shopping trips that we went together

and other things.............
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