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Friday, May 11, 2007
Bobby Pua Badminton Open

so the highly anticipated bobby pua badminton open finally took place this evening. 2 teams were involved in the grand finals which happened in some hall in ntu.. team bryna vs team bobby.

after some warm ups and shuttlecock hitting, the match finally went underway.. team bryna raced to a supreme 7 point lead while the 2 members of team bobby were still trying to find their feet. However, after scoring their first point, team bobby started to have more confidence and tried some fancy serves which resulted in both of them misplacing their services and giving points back to team bryna. more miscommunications and misplaced shots later, team bobby finally succumbed to losing the 1st set.. and by quite a big margain at that.

bouyed by the win, team bryna went on to enjoy a can of 100plus, while team bobby could only drink from the water cooler during the break. the 2nd set started the same way as the 1st. however, this time round, team bobby seemed to have more momentum and the teamwork was much better then the 1st set. service started going where they wanted and they quickly caught up to team bryna. however, just when team bobby was on a row. disaster struck. bobby got smacked at the back of his head by his own teammate at full force by the shuttlecock. a moment of shock combined with uncontrolled laughter by the other team, this will prove to be the changing point. internal conflict was threatening to break up the newly found teamwork for team bobby. however, bobby decided that teamwork was more important then having a spot at the back of head where hair could not grow anymore, and play continued.

however, team bobby could not recover from the lost of momentum. and went down again in the 2nd set.

another break, and this time, it's do or die for team bobby. lethargy seemed to be setting in on team bryna and team bobby sensed that this would be their chance. team bobby seemed to be moving around the court with more purpose, hitting the shuttlecock with more vigour. but they would be let down by their own misgivings. too many unforced errors. the ability to miss the ball even when dropping at slow speed, hitting the shuttlecock too hard and ending up out of court. this meant that they were unable to capitalize on the lethargy factor. mounting a titanic effort to win was not enough.... team bobby lost the 3rd set. and it was all over. team bryna emerged victors. well deserving victors.

Winner of 1st Bobby Pua Badminton Open - Team Bryna

thats only the 1st. team bobby will be back with more teamwork and less unforced errors. till the next bobby pua badminton open... thanks to all!! goodbye...

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