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Monday, June 11, 2007
money... think that is the thing on everyone's mind nowadays huh? work your ass off for wat? money.... save wat so that u can go on a holiday? money.... save wat so that you can buy that mega big lcd tv? money..

the thing now is saving money. earning your own money to pay your parents. your parents would have done more then their fair share by now to provide for you. in other countries, other societies, in other times, u reach the age that you can do something, u'll get hauled off to do work. build houses, carry goods, cut woods, hunting for guys. sewing, crafting, cooking for girls. they do their own part so that they are no longer a burden to the parents.

but nowadays, we are still getting provided for at 20+! wtf is that man.. many people do not see the value of money as it is. you work, then you spend. you do not laze around... and still spend. that is absurb. question if the money is your money.. or your parent's money. if you're not working... den everything is your parent's money. that's as simple as that.

i'm jus venting... irritated by how people view money as something small and do not see it's true value... but maybe they've got too much of that to notice it's value. that's all... bye
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