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Friday, June 15, 2007
Electricity tariffs up almost 9% from July
By Foo Siew Shyan, Channel NewsAsia | Posted: 15 June 2007 1615 hrs

SINGAPORE: Electricity tariffs for the next three months (Jul-Sep) will go up by almost nine per cent (8.83%).

This is an increase of about 1.6 cents per kilowatt per hour of electricity.

SP Services attributes the hike to higher fuel oil prices, which had gone up by about 20 per cent compared to the current quarter.

The latest tariff increase comes after two downward revisions since the start of this year.

The next revision, which is done quarterly, will be for the months of October to December. - CNA

so now the electricity also going up. machiam gst go up not enough... scv also want to go up. and now these electricity people scared lose. so they also want to go up. i think next water also go up. after water go up... the public transport people also see until face green. so jealous. ppl up they never up. so bus fare also will go up. den after that mrt fare also will go up. everything also go up. den salary never up. damn sian already. i think i also up... i go and up lorry liao... knn...

people say what goes up must come down... i think this logic spoil already lar. old fashion.. outdated already... tmd. all this where got come down? u think they will come down meh? earn all our money until so song where will come down one. den the $200 rebate they give us. got use meh? u think probably ah... up 2% they give us $200. so we spend how much taxable stuffs will hit $200 gst?

$10 000

1 year $10000. 1 month is must spend only about $834. u got spend more then $834 not? got right? everything up up up up up until i cannot tahan already damn sian. i dun wan to ever listen to this song ever agn... i let u all hear.... hear it one last time den dun hear already...

up up 抬起头 up up 别害羞


up up 抬起头
up up 举个手
up up 什么烂鸟都起了现在爽伯
up up 甩个头
up up 扭一扭
hey come on everybody 通通把你吸干
up up 动一动
up up 举个手
up up 什么烂鸟都起了现在爽伯
up up 甩个头
up up 扭一扭
hey come on everybody 政府西北黑心ho ho ho

taken off a forum the lyrics..
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