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Monday, June 25, 2007
had quite the fantastic weekend. although i was still not fully recovered from my lingering cough and was around spreading my germs everywhere i went, it was full of fun....

you knew it was gonna be a great weekend when u watch a movie u never knew existed and it turned out to be brilliant.. Hot Fuzz was the bomb. from the same ppl who came up with shaun of the dead.. it had to be good man. laughing from the start till the end. ridiculously hilarious... everyone should go check it out. after the movie, everyone had their very late dinner.. was about 9+ already... i had a pathetically small wan tan mee.... but i was still coughing so appetite wasn't good. so never really complained about it. dinner was followed by some aimless walking around town reminiscence of our jc days... but this time round, we are now old and cannot last too long walking around aimlessly. we get the tired and sweaty. so we ended up at giraffe to talk some cock over alcohol, coffee and tea... well, everyone wanted something different, wat to do..

and us restless people could not ba long long for too long. so we ended up going over to mr seah's place for some mahjong.... and after mahjong... the pathetically small wan tan mee effect was starting to set in.. so due to something, we had to go over to bedok for supper.. which was 1 piece of soggy egg prata to solve my hunger pangs.. it somehow worked. which is good. back home for some sleep, and den it's onwards to the next day...

mega shopping day. from 2 - 9+ followed by ktv till 2+.... my legs never felt so tired ever since my passing out parade practises back at police academy. haha! i'm a weird guy maybe. but i love shopping. it gives me a surreal feeling. makes me at peace with myself. so it was a therapeutic session... and of cos ktv... need i say more? haha, any good fren of mine would automatically know that it is bobby pua's favouritest activity. the only downside was the cough.. not very comfy singing and coughing throughout. it was old songs galore... us, showing our true age at the ktv, not shy to sing songs that only people our age will know.

made by fanny

so after ktv, i went home to surf abit of the net, and to sleep preparing for the next day. sunday arrives. it was badminton day. woke up abit late and rushed down to bishan to meet everyone.. before driving down to ntu for badminton. badminton was fun... but not that fun cos i was still playing with my cough. the weekend would have went up a couple more notches if not for the cough.. after getting asswhooped at badminton.. went to toa payoh to look for the legendary rojak. just to find out that the store beside the goreng pisang have been replaced... it's no longer the old man. old man's stall is at the interchange now but it's closed on sundays!!! arrrgh. i kena faked by the new stall so i bought their rojak. it wasn't that bad. but not as good as old man... nevermind. i'll go back soon for old man rojak. bought some goreng pisang back also. and the rest of the night i was damn tired.... there it is. the weekend. tiring but fun~ =) cheers to more happening weekends!!

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