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Friday, August 03, 2007
Warehouse and Coffeebean
had dinner, some shopping and quite a long coffee session, where nobody actually drank any coffee.... how to sleep like that? as much as i need to sleep now. i just tossed and turned in bed for about 30mins and i've decided to come and blog because i'm not getting to sleep any sooner. tmr's gonna be a damn zombiefied day but it's friday~~ so suck it man!

the long talk was amazing... bitched abit... discussed on quite a heavy political religious issue... discussed on scientific issue.... discussed on time travel, teleporting and the great solar system. and of cos what else but LIFE. too much to handle for a night i guess.. that's why i'm unable to sleep at the moment. AHAH.

it was all fun..... more moments like this please..... and may we all go new zealand and be farmers... and be the beach boys of new zealand.... HAHA. or at least something along that line... retreat to somewhere for some peace and fun... WOOHOO!!

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