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Sunday, April 05, 2009
Premiership Run In
i was watching the Newcastle v Chelsea game. since it was Shearer's first game, i decided to give him some face and watch the whole game. I have a soft spot for them.. it might be because they used to play swashbuckling attacking football under kev.. or maybe cos they give us 6 points almost every season. can't choose btw the former or latter.

there's something about newcastle. it becomes the graveyard for defenders. all the legendary defenders that have come and gone. bramble, boumsong, marcelino, rozenhal, craig something the aussie dude, cacapa, dabizas.. u can probably name a few more. and now, you can add coloccini to the list. this dude is the most expensive of their defenders. but after last night's performance. he might as well be the most retarded. bad decisions, bad positioning. just about everything was bad.

and there's ryan taylor. the only reason newcastle bought him was to stop him from scoring freekicks against them. every single cross that taylor made, it fell onto a chelsea player. woeful crossing and even woeful passing. he was the one the broke down every single newcastle move. i just think he's a pathetic excuse for a footballer. at least he's not half bad in fm08.

michael owen. the least said about him the better.

i feel bad for players like martins and jonas gutierrez. they try n try n try. run n run n run. but just doesn't have enough support and enough quality about the rest of their team-mates. each time martins runs at the chelsea defend, there's 3 defenders on him. owen doesn't run into space. owen's behind the pace. he's strolling behind martins.

if newcastle doesn't win at stoke next week, they're gonna be all but down.

and i thought it was going to be another one of those nights for us again. hitting the woodwork 4 times in the first half. is there a record for this sorta things? are we now the record holders for hitting the woodwork the most number of times in a half? well done to the lads for running into the wall non-stop and finally breaking it down. the media would have pried us apart if we failed to win. they just manify every single fucking thing. when we lost to boro, we're totally rubbish. never going to win the league with rafa in charge.

and 3 games later. after real, manure n villa, suddenly rafa is the genius and the best manager in the planet. fuck u mainstream media. u're all jus story whores who thinks the crack in ur ass is the river nile.

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