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Saturday, April 23, 2005
Samantha Tan
been a long time since i had a dream. but last night, i dint have any dream either. darn. but i know i dream in colour. wonder who was the weirdo who told me that his dreams were in black and white. so does boring people actually dream in black and white. since dreams are part of our conscience, it works in a way to tell them that they are boring and need some colour in their life?
and how about u dream about a mega huge ass chair as big as a mountain crashing upon you? is that an indication that u've been bumming around too much...

and dreaming about being bitch slapped by million blades of grass. It's a sign telling u not to cut across the field every morning while going to work but take the bloody pavement instead u lazy shit.

the extreme fear u get dreaming of something like a pillar poking into ur ass.... that's the sign that u're clearing out ur boogers far too often..

You'll never believe what i did todae. As my design was supposed to be submitted todae, but i haven done it yet, so i went over to my boss's office after she asked for me, i screamed to the best of my effort

'KNNBCCB lar, u think i superman is it? expect everything so fast from me, you one eyed son of a whore man bitch. Superman huh? i'll show u superman!''

and i proceeded to send her a Wong Fei Hong style Fo Shan No Shadow Kick *POW* and knocked her right hand of her shoulders. Pleads for me to stop from her were heard. But i ignored it and went back to my cubicle.

But, ya, ok... i DID go over to my boss's office after she asked for me. and i DID mention that i was a little sorry that i cudden finish up the design. And i scribbled some last minute design i had in mind onto a piece of paper.. my hands were going so fast it was reminiscence of the Fo Shan No Shadow Hands rather. and i dropped the stupid pencil onto the floor..

the think that i don't want to mention most is that i bend down to pick it up and when i was standing back up, i knocked my head against her table, *POK* her right hand came over my head and she asked if i was ok..... things were getting kinda embarrassing, hence i retreated into the tranquility of my own cubicle. more on the KNNBCCB concerning another person soon.

Addressing another issue. Regarding collection of payment from friends. Sometimes it's not nice to collect too much money from friends. Cos they are our friends. We've gotta be fair. If u only ordered $2 worth of meat. u pay $2. Tell me, is it fair that some people ordered $20 worth of meat for 5 person. each person pay $4 for the meat. but while distributing... some people only get $1 worth of meat? Come on guys. the society is eroding, let's not allow it to erode any further by giving out less meat then what people pay for ok?

Energy gotta be recharged. daily closing of eyes for 5 hours jus aint enuff. Mandopop rules. I'm the King of Mandopop.

P.S. Thanks to Lin that this post was given birth to. Oh, in case u were wondering about the title of this post. Samantha Tan was jus from my neighbouring class in SAJC and now Eric Khoo's latest babe.. yup =)
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  • At 5:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    i saw her on Newpaper! -yif

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