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Sunday, November 13, 2005
Soccer Myths
back so early on a sat night. i got disfigured. actually my shirt got disfigured. den come home liao. looked like i got stabbed in the stomach or smthing. walk ard like tat not say very nice. policeman might come and ask me wat happened. but its red wine. and its thanks to my dearest ever sidekick. and i came home so unhappeningly.

but i witnessed the most exciting 'friendly' match ever. England vs Argentina. non-stop action. so thanks to my dearest sidekick agn that made me come home to watch and fully appreciate the beauty of soccer. i wonder how people can label it as ''22 men running after 1 ball''

1) 1st things 1st. not all 22 men on the pitch goes after the ball at the same time. there is a thing called formation. it means how the team is set up so as to fully ultilise the 11 men that they have on the field. and not have all 11 men running after the ball like mad men.

2) watching soccer only for the cute guys. but wait. there are also many many UGLY guys that plays soccer. and i really mean ugly lar!! will try to find pictures to backup my claims. but the 'Slovakia vs Spain' match is about to start. so i'll jus settle this entry first.

3) wat is offside?? this is like the hardest piece of crap to answer. but this is good. at least the person is trying to understand the game for wanting to know this. i might need to draw a diagram to explain this. nvm. next time u see me, i explain ok? or u can drop me an email. or call me. or come my hse find me. anything.

4) basketball the net so small still can score so many points, soccer the net so big!! den sometimes play so long still no goal go in. this is the marvels of what u call a goalkeeper. and another thing. try picking up marbles on the floor and put them in a basket. den next, use ur legs and do the same thing. and count which time u had more marbles in the basket. HANDS LAR!!

it's a beautiful game

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