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Tuesday, January 24, 2006
i'm currently addicted to Meiji's Coffee Flavoured Milk. cudden find the picture of it. so cannot show u. but most supermarket would carry it. Not very expensive. but DAMN nice.

met daphne for claypot rice. haha. an old friend of mine. very old fren. and this is someone who can talk and talk and talk even more then me. which is no easy feat. the 'machine gun' i called her. was asking her on advise about the PR line. something she's doing now. like the title suggest. future = ??

haha. its still a big question mark. dunno how. but the journey there has to begin now.


CNY is coming very very soon. This year it would be kinda different. My grandfather passed away few months ago. Hence, all 4 of my grandparents would be up there looking down at me this CNY. how long would you get to spend with somebody? how long is enough? did u treasure the time you had with the person?

I would like to mention a few names now. Ng Shao Hao, Jerome Huang, and Esther Lim. Shao Hao and Jerome were my classmates in school. While Esther was a great friend i knew. All 3 are of the same age as me.

Shao Hao was the undisputed karaoke king in SJI. he was very very fast at his 2.4km run. and a very responsible NPCC cadet.

Jerome was my soccer buddy in primary school. Everyday from primary 4 to 6, we would be running down the field up and down chasing a ball. One to share crazy jokes with. went with me to SJI too.

Esther was a bubbly and madcap girl. very very spontaneous and one of the very rare girls whom listened to heavy metal music and owned a couple of guitars herself. We spent many crazy days together.

But somehow or rather, they were all taken away from us. And now looking down at us from somewhere up above. life is very very cruel. it hits us hardest when we least expect it to.

Shao Hao, Jerome and Esther, no matter where u guys are, i just wanna say that i wanna thank you guys for being part of my life. And you are not forgotten. Will remember you always for the part that you have played in my life.

Maybe that was too late. I never said it to them when they were around. Do not hesitate to tell the person you care about that you care about them, do not hesitate to thank someone if they've played a big part in ur life. Treasure the moment you have. Treasure the person you have. Don't be too late

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