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Wednesday, January 18, 2006
Of Toilets and Women
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Posted: 19 November 2005 2151 hrs

New guidelines on public loos set to see more toilet cubicles for women
By Hasnita A Majid, Channel NewsAsia

If you're a woman, you're likely to have been stuck in a line for a toilet before.

Well, these queues are set to get shorter.

The National Environment Agency has introduced new guidelines on public toilets that will benefit women.

In new public loos, there will be as many, if not more female toilet cubicles as compared to men's urinals and toilet cubicles put together.

In medium-sized establishments, such as bars and night clubs, there will be five toilet cubicles for women, while there will be two urinals and three cubicles for men.

In places where usage of toilets is expected to be more confined to certain peak periods such as convention and exhibition halls, theatres and cinemas, women will have more toilets than the men.

For example, in an exhibition hall that can hold up to 900 persons, there will be 14 female toilet cubicles compared to only 10 urinals and male toilet cubicles.

These are changes introduced in response to public feedback that there are insufficient female toilets in some facilities here.

With the changes, Singapore Polytechnic will also be working with the World Toilet College to conduct courses on Restroom Maintenance, Restroom Design and Ecological Sanitation.

For a start, the Ecological Sanitation course will help train people to build more toilets in the developing countries, resulting in proper toilets, especially beneficial for women - a worthy piece of news for women, as Singapore celebrated World Toilet Day on Saturday!


Good news leh. next time got more toilet for girls. So guys, u no need to stand there and wait so long like a kuku for your gf already. good hor? so happy....... but you know what or not? they going to decrease the number of cubicles for guys. EH! why like that? and girl toilet will have equal or more cubicles to guy's urinals + cubicles. EH! wah lau!

If want to add more girl cubicle very good. i applaud that move very much. i clap my hands many times. clap my legs also can. many times maybe cannot. will cramp. But why decrease guys cubicles and urinals? Let the guys one remain the same mar.. Girls always like to delay delay in the toilet. That's why take so long. You all girls faster faster can already lor.

Maybe i shud write a petition also. Nowadays online petition like very hot favourite. You want something, you write petition online. Ban this ban that also write petition. My petition is ''Allow same number of male urinals and cubicles in toilets to stay''

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