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Thursday, January 05, 2006
Nice Cote d'Azur
The first few days of 2006. still not used to typing 2006. this kind of things always happens. just when you're so used to typing or writing the year. a new one comes along. now we're still typing 2006 two numbers using right hand two numbers using left hand. soon it'll be one number with the left and three numbers on the right like eg. 2007. rite?

back to the first few days of 2006. The whole family was busy trying to get stuffs done and buy stuffs for my bro. it was hectic. considering the last min and non-panic nature of my brother... he was leaving for Nice, France for an exchange for 4 months. considering it's the first time he will be going away from home by himself, it was a big affair. i was worried sick. partly cos there's riots going on over there in france. never felt this before. ever. but i guess he's gonna turn 20 soon and that it's time to let him go and taste some sense of independence.

Nice seems like a nice place. was doing some research on the internet. will tell u more about the place later. prolly place some pictures here as well.

after 3 days of packing and worrying, it was finally off to the airport last night. haven been there for a long time. the last time would have been the bo liao trip down with the guys. sent him off. and the parents of other students were tearing and all. and my dad, being himself, was saying ''why they need to cry? 4 months only what. cry for wat?'' he was jus being his usual macho self. the MAN. i was like wat the hell. hope things will turn out fine. gonna be fun. wouldn't mind going over to somewhere myself to stay as well.

but responsibility boy. i've got my responsibilities. cannot anyhow fly here and there as i like. and i love my family too much to actually leave them behind and go somewhere else. we'll just see wat happens.
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